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Pedro Planning for next season.


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PLANNING for next season has already begun in earnest at Rangers and next week manager Pedro Caixinha will start making decisions on which of his players will stay or leave.

The Ibrox boss has studied his squad in depth and has promised to be completely up front and honest with his players when making the call on their futures.

He also revealed a number of the characteristics he wants any new players he recruits to have as he attempts to strengthen the squad for what he hopes will be a much more inspiring campaign next time around.

Speaking exclusively to RangersTV, he said: “First of all, we will look for men. Only men can take this job.

‘’Also, we need strong characters and strong personalities. We need a winning mentality, and, of course, we need quality players. We have been assessing for a long time and because I am someone who leads by example, I want all our players to know that I will shake his hand and say ‘thank you, but our time ends here,’, or I will say ‘let’s keep going.

“I will start those conversations maybe at the beginning of next week. As I always say though, we work until the last day and treat it like it’s the first one.

“We are professionals. Even for example, when I am about to end a contract my job is to do my very best until the end. You are still defending the badge and you still have a contract with the club. We are all professionals, we all live for football, we all live for Rangers and we all live for winning.”


Caixinha also made it clear he will only seek players who he can trust to perform for him on a consistent basis, as well as players he knows.

He continued: “We say we only know the players when you really work with them on a daily basis. One thing is for sure, we have identified the needs and the characteristics which are really good as a starting point.

“But we want to reduce the risks – so what I am going to look for are players that I know, either from having worked with them before or because I have watched them playing on a regular basis.

“To play on a regular basis for Rangers I don’t need a player who is a 10 one time in a season, and in two other games he is a seven and in the rest of the games he is a three or a four. I want a guy that I can count on to be between a seven and a nine, but at least the minimum he is going to give to me is a seven.”

A number of players have already been identified by the manager, who added: “We have our list of targets. We are working on that and we are in the market, that much I can tell you. The club is willing to invest and we know where we can go with that sort of investment.

Some players may need a higher investment, and others are maybe out of contract. The challenge is to gather all the needs with the budget we have in order to acquire the players we want according to our assessment.”


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6 minutes ago, Amac9 said:

Easy telling players they aren't part of his plans. The hard bit is trying to convince teams to buy shite like Waghorn, Kiernan, Garner, Halliday, Holt, Windas....

Buy 2 get another 50% off

Still only get half a million for all 3

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2 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Well that's where Robertson should be earning his wage by off loading these players for a good fee. If we just continue with the usual pish of just get them off the books no matter then we are fucked. 

We should offload Robertson he looks like a dear in the Headlights when he speaks.

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No issues with anything he's said there.

It's putting it into application and the backing too that's the hard parts and that's before convincing players to take deals on their contracts and/or persuading teams to take them from us.

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Someone at Ibrox had better send out for a change of underwear for Robertson, Dickson, King and Murray.

The Manager seems about ready to produce the list of those that can go (should be a long list).  And produce a list of the men he wants to see brought in.

No DOF though.  Robertson is still somewhere out in the back alleys of the football world trying to find one.   So who does the despatching of current players ad the capturing of new players?     Surely they are not asking the guy brought in as head coach to do that as well while Robertson stumbles through yet another pained recruitment process.  Please don't let it be up to Robertson to actually do the work of getting the new players in.   We truly are fucked if that becomes the case.  

Money, money, money.  Needed soon to get into the market for  new players.   Is King listening? 

Fresh underwear needed for the Board.........the chickens of this season came home to roost and nothing of note was produced, many to be moved on.....oh what a lot of work do be done.   Fresh underwear needed for the Board.........dosh by the barrowload to entice the men the Manager wants to see filling Rangers jerseys next season.  

Is the Board up to it?  Like hell it is.   'Tis easy to prove me wrong, it's done by demonstrating that players are shifted out and its demonstrated by players who are patently better quality (with the characteristics described by the Manager) coming through the doors at Ibrox.  

Fresh underwear needed for the Board......or maybe a fresh Board if they can't do the job.


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As we leak like a sieve there is no doubt that we will hear about the targets soon enough, but i would rather we actually just got on with it and not have fiasco's like Scott Allan.

Ped seems to think he will be backed in the transfer market which is good, as he knows what his budget is, but wonder how much depends on him moving players on, no one will buy Keirnan for instance, but hopefully there are players that will leave for free because they are not part of the managers plans.

Get two or three lined up for seasons end and at least it will give us a shot in the arm, but at least we have a manager that understands what's required - doing it is really the key.

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Most of the players are on long term deals and most of them won't get the money they are on at Rangers at any other club.

It's not a case that they are not required anymore, It's more a case of players will decide what to do, They could easily just sit on their deals.

People also forget that if the club want to get rid of them two things will happen.

1. Players will have to be substantially paid off to terminate their contracts.

2. Even if another club comes in for any players, The players have the final say and the club would still have to compensate and agree a figure on the remainder of their contract.

It's nothing more than a win win for the players and will cost the club a very substantial amount of cash to get rid of them.

We shouldn't also be excepting the first offer that comes in for any players, We should be trying to also squeeze that bit more to try and offset the cost of paying these players off.

Whatever the budget may be we can be sure quite a lot of it will be needed to just get rid of players.

Players aren't going to just mutally agree to terminate their contracts. 

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Needs to build a squad around a big hardy bastard who'll tackle anything in site and can also pass the ball.

Basically the spine of the team is the most important 3 signings we will make imo, centre back, centre mid, striker.

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32 minutes ago, Captain Hilts said:

"We need men."

Spot on. What a damming assessment that is of this current crop of shitebags.


I agree Warburtons team was full of wee boys who lack the Leadership a team like Rangers need.

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