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Derek Rae


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Not exactly Rangers related but he will leave BT Sport.

Even though he is a sheepshagger I didn't have any bother with his commentary during our games.

Wonder who will be the lead commentator next season.

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1 hour ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

He wasn't the worst and Neil McCann was always fair.

2 losses that I've no doubt will be replaced by bheggar sorts.

Has McCann definitely gone from Sky now?

If so, as you say, a loss.

Agree re Rae, too.

I seem to recall he got his break as a teenager who won a competition.

Sensibly took off abroad to pick up the wider picture &, apart from the odd (probably contractual) apology for background bad language, I've always thought he was pretty fair.

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12 minutes ago, SuperPapac05 said:

Unpopular, but I liked Derek Rae. Didn't have a bias, he just called the match like it should be done. 

I wonder if he left because he was sick of sitting next to Sutton every second week. 

And Butcher.

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His nut must be done in having to listen to Sutton and Butcher all season. 

He's got links with German football I think so possibly going to do something there? 

I can't think of anyone to take over unless someone leaves Sky to take the job

Or maybe someone like Rory Hamilton or something? 

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