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Torbett being detained by police

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Let's hope something comes out of this,not sure what other news agencys are running with it, but they have actually called the taigs club by there proper name, only thing that stuck in my head was the picture, mentions them but shows a blurry photo of two boys clubs playing on silly park somewhere, not one badge or picture of there place in sight,am sure we would get the same neutral opinion, aye rite.

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3 minutes ago, WGOH said:

As much as I want to see the horrible cunt convicted and that club brought to justice... get this oot the bears den :lol: 

Naw keep it in, more and more cunts need to see this instead of helping they cunts sweep it under the rug. I couldny give a fuck if they think its "obsessed", the moment they cunts support a club that endorses child abuse and covers it up is the moment they are no longer capable of taking the moral high ground, fuck the scummy bastards,

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Just now, LOL153 No Surrender!!! said:

WGOH, am quite new to this, so wasn't really sure where to post it, a know a lot is going on with elections today, this caught my eye so a put it on in here,so move it if to where it should be, cheers.

It's ok to talk about it mate, light should be shed on it and they should never be allowed to forget what their club did, an admin will probably merge/move it the general sports section. :tu:

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13 minutes ago, LOL153 No Surrender!!! said:

Not a problem, as a say a will get used to where to put stuff on forum eventually, am jumping in and out and reading stuff from years ago, that much stuff to read,:cheers:

stick to anything to do with Rangers, not them, pedo's and what not and you will do OK..

Now start a thread that is Rangers related, go on....

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