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*****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

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1 minute ago, ForeverAndEver said:


This thread? :lol: 



Not that one, but 5 posts in I make a comment about the other thread. That's right, he was touting kids season tickets for more than face value to fund his own season ticket. :lol:



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Cunts saying they're not excited  It's not about who we're playing. It's our return to European competition after 5 years in the gutter.  

Been a season full of negatives, but after everything we've been through over the last 5 or so years, a positive is we're back in Europe! Obviously the main priority is retaining the championship and

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2 minutes ago, MayboleLoyal_atb said:

What's the best you've seen for Luxembourg flight wise mate?

I've not looked into it much mate, I was looking at the Wednesday-Sat but now I'm worried the game might be moved to the Tuesday!

Edinburgh-Birmingham-Luxembourg was looking best bet but has shot up now.

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2 hours ago, gj923 said:

Their Stadium


Setting for this famous game 28 years ago, featuring a MoJo opener and a Richard Gough double including a winner 6 minutes into injury time...

Hopefully there'll be a day when we have that kind of influence on the national team again...

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10 minutes ago, Queen's_highway said:

Just can't be fucked.

You doing both Euro ties? 

I'm defo going Luxembourg but thunk I'll need to miss Cyprus cause I'd melt in the middle of July with their temperature 

Going to do both, rather do Cyprus than Lux though to be fair.

Going to be hilarious if St Josephs win, Cyprus will need to shut down for the week.

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2 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

I'm booked Wednesday - Friday for Luxembourg. Flying from London & back to London. There for work Monday, Tuesday so happy days 

Still a chance the fixtures could get changed. The first leg might be away first.

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2 hours ago, Vanoli said:

Unfortunately almost every one of they 3rd round seeded sides would absolutely rinse us out.

firstly though we can't afford to take Limassol lightly 

Some beatable seeded teams in Q3, could increase depending on winners of ties in Q2. Issue is there's far more teams that would beat us. Sion or Austria Vienna would be miracle draw if we get to qualifying round 3.

1 hour ago, psb07158 said:

Premier Sports ffs.

If they let us buy it one-off or in a 2 match package with the away then fair enough but any of this 3 month subscription nonsense and they can fuck off.

I'm sure it's on a month basis. £11.99 with Sky with HD, SD with Virgin £9.99 and HD on player for £9.99

23 minutes ago, Shuggy said:

Premier Sports? Can I get this via VirginMedia?


Yeah £9.99 for a month.

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