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What made the difference today?

What made the difference?  

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  1. 1. What made the difference?

    • The inclusion of McKay.
    • The lack of Waghorn.
    • The red card.
    • Ian Cathro.
    • Nothing, we were awful as usual.
    • I dream of a gentle kiss on the cheek from Gene Shalit.
    • Other (specify).

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posted in the match thread but fuck it its probably better here..


I thought we set up well with a 4-2-3-1 and windass picking up a lot of the Garner knockdowns and through balls. Even though Windass wasn't being brilliant he was in good positions and picking up a lot of balls and making good runs. When he went off though, the team shape collapsed, Garner had nobody to knock down balls to and it reverted to a desperately bad 4-3-3 with a finishing midfield of Miller, Barjonas and Mckay. That is not good enough to win matches in Scotland - we were lucky they had 10 men. We finished with 5 recognised forwards on the park - where's our midfield? even Halliday may have been a better option.

Great start but the subs were terrible and Toral looked like he just couldnt be bothered anymore. Pedro looks as if he knows what he wants, but the Windass substitution he made completely changed his team.

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We started ok for a spell but teams have a habit at times to ease off when they have an extra man. Passing about slowly trying to find space, it seemed like we done that after their sending off. We didn't recover to get back up to speed again.

We were shite the 2nd half and the subs made us worse if anything.

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What made the difference was that we weren't playing celtic,to return to reality they are the benchmark we must strive to beat, our present squad do not possess the ability far reaching decisions to be made.

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Game of two halves. We played a good game in the first, but terrible in the second. The more interesting question is what was the difference  between first and second half. I'm struggling to understand why we became so inept.

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Hill, Bates, Garner, McKay and Miller were successes today for me, to varying degrees. The rest weren't.

The biggest problem was our midfield doing a disappearing act at the start of the second half.

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Brought on Dodoo to play left, but forgot to replace Windass in the middle.

Leaving Holt (tiny wee fairy) Toral (lazy premadonna) to try and stop hearts running right through the middle.

Meant Miller tried to play everywhere and we had to one to collect Garners lay offs.

Players have nothing to play for amd most have been told to leave. 

I am happy we won.Didnt genuinly believe we would from the start. 


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