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***The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread***


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Once again lost for words. All over the pitch we are lacking effort and ability. Aberdeen didn't even get to 80% and got a win. Thought Miller & Beerman only 2 outfield players to get pass marks. Barjonas looks a good prospect. Rest of the team can happily go without any objection. Really shit times which I can't see ending any time soon. Hope I'm wrong ..,

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At the end of the day there is going to need to be a certain level of money spent-not sure the number but enough to buy players to match the Tarriers or get close. 

Until that happens we are going to see players and managers flow through here failing to deliver. 

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Still no clear sign of what Pedro is trying to do tactically, he isn't motivating to the poor group of players he has either, their body language coming out for the second half was embarrassing.  The youths showed some real bravery and weren't scared to take the ball or take a man on, more balls than we seen from the rest of the shite bags.  Need a core of these kind of players who understand the club and what it means back.

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5 minutes ago, james_85 said:

I have just seen their first goal again for the first time, how Toral was not pulled straight away is a joke. He pulled out of an easy tackle which let their guy one on one with the keeper.

Just saw that too. If I was the manager I would have had him subbed right away. We were never going to avoid defeat last night so an early sub wouldn't have mattered. The majority of these players have embarrassed the fans week in week out. 

Id play Foderingham, Hill and Miller on Sun along with a team and bench full of youth. Can't stand the sight of these wasters wearing the colours again

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17 hours ago, RFCRobertson said:

Pain in the arse when you go from playing Rangers on Fifa in career mode, having the likes of Rooney and Giroud, challenging for the champions cup.

To that piss. 

or if like me watching season 89-90 on you tube to Gers to current 'side'

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