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To die an arab bastard . . .

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1 hour ago, crazy bob swollenbaws said:

Had have a 5 min gloat on an arab forum and it has got me concerned to say the least bears. One of them says we should all be unhappy cause we will only get trips to hamilton istead of dundee. 

I think they are right. Ahm chucking football. So disillusioned cause of this.

In their excitement at the prospect of playing Brechin it must've slipped their mind that we will still be going to Dundee next season - just not to play them. :mutley:

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1 hour ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Tried to start a little anti Rangers alliance with the taigs and then were routinely asset stripped of their best players for buttons then swiftly cast aside,how did that one work out for yous you gullible deluded arseholes looks like the tarriers have already picked their next victims aswell in Hibs


although to be fair the tarriers have been cherry picking the junkie bastards since day one. 

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