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8 minutes ago, Band of Brothers said:

No health and safety back then it must have been one of the most dangerous sports going then.

Jim Clark and many other drivers from that era were the engineers and part time mechanics..None of this computer data for the pit teams to tell the robots...ooops Drivers when they can fart...

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6 hours ago, Band of Brothers said:

At last Verstappen has managed to get further than 1st lap and giving Vettel a cunt of a time :thuglife:

Verstappen is my favourite driver at the moment, balls of steel. Hopefully his run of bad luck is behind him and he can kick on to a few podiums.

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2 minutes ago, BlueAvenger said:

Grand Prix racing is a lot of boring pish.

An unfair sport where all the fuckin shite drivers are at the back and the good ones at the front !!

A race to the first bend and that's it.

If I wanted to watch someone change tyres I'd go to fuckin Kwik-Fit...............

The British Touring Cars are on ITV4..They had a cracking crash earlier..Poor Collard lost all steering and just aquaplaned over the grass and got skelpt..

How much money do F1 drivers get..??..As someone who dislikes Ferrari that 1st lap stock car crash pleased me greatly..  

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4 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Vettel correctly covered off Max, something Hamilton does every start to a race. There was still a gap between Vettel and Max when he clashed with Kimi. Max could have backed off. Not Vettel's fault.


He wasn't even close to being a full car length in front when he veered across.

Behave yourself.

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