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McCoist cancelling lower league games as we had players on international duty. 

Kenny McDowall's interviews as caretaker which resembled a man being held hostage, chained to a radiator in 1980's Lebanon

That kit launch with all them wearing XXXXL shorts ?

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15 minutes ago, scottyc06 said:



In all honesty though, although it was an absolute abortion of a period in our history, some of the best away days iv had following Rangers were in the last 5 years. Away from the actual footballing side of things of course.

rule of thumb


If you can remember them then you didn't truly enjoy them ?

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2 hours ago, SwallowsHisOwnSpunk said:

Never realised jut how much bad/mental shit has happened to us over the last 5 odd years it's beyond belief, you can't help but laugh otherwise you will cry.

Same...I found myself laughing reading this, even though it is awful. Makes you realise how bad things were and how great it is to be back. I remember first going to Ibrox as a boy early in 9IAR and my dad saying that it wasn't always like this and there were bad times. Back then I would never have imagined what would have happened to us. In future hopefully I can tell my son the same. Much as we bicker on here this has brought us together and shows how amazing our Club is.  

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1 hour ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

What was allys username on here again, bluepeter9 or something like that wasn't it

TravelingWilBEARy fucking off from here after it was rumoured that pictures of his maw and sister were doing the rounds :lol:

What's this? I hadn't realised he had left. Bob Dylan avatar? Always liked his posts.

Edit: I see he hasn't been here in almost 3 years. I guess I'm naturally quick to catch on to things.....

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Lowest point was losing to the worst team in Scotland at the time Stirling Albion, their manager wasn't even there, he was at a wedding. 

Ian Black getting snapped every week in the third division

Oduwa dis-respecting Alloa

The Sandaza sting operation 

Jon Daly being our best striker in D2

Kevin Kyle in a Rangers strip 

Nicky Law arguing with the fans every week

Getting dominated off Forres Mechanics

ESPN apologising on air for the sash-bash down at Berwick :lol: 

Any time we had a game live on TV the other team's players full-time occupations would be read out and they'd still dominate us

AGM in Ibrox where fans sold the Copland out

U17's Old Firm atmosphere

Buying an ST for D3 and sitting in the pub until full time 

Watching and laughing at the SPL trying to cope without Rangers - "sell out Saturday" not one single sell out happened

Hibs getting relegated :lol: 

Seb Faure putting on 10 stone in 3 days

McCulloch had a clause in his contract that said he must play every game when fit...

Lewis MacLeod making the Scotland squad..

The atmosphere at Ibrox for the play off game we beat Hibs 2-0 was unreal as well as the one we beat them 4-2 in the December


Could keep going but I'm getting depressed 

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The sheer amount of bevvy consumed :lol: i dont think I went to a single game sober all of the 3rd and 2nd divisions

Four hours plus on the bus to some games, two bottles of time before 3 in the afternoon, another 2 on the way home, having to check to see what the score was when you get home because you cant fucking remember the game

Everyone was pished at almost every game in the lower leagues :lol: 

Polis pulling buses every away game thinking we're going to riot while playing Montrose :lol:

So many pubs in so many wee towns that just completely underestimated what was coming, and just looking at the faces of the barmaids as the whole town was just taken over, and there was hardly any trouble at any of the games was all just friendly drunken banter


The football was pish but the 3rd division was one of the best years of my life following Rangers, ill never forget the parts I can remember :lol::lol: 

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