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Gregg Wylde - Halliday on Thursday.


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Gregg Wylde believes Pedro Caixinha is taking a major gamble by leaving Andy Halliday out of Rangers' Europa League squad

"I would have Andy Halliday in my squad, even if he's not playing and worth only of a place on the bench. That's because he's a Rangers man.

"He knows what Rangers standards are and the expectations which will be on the players at this time of year.

"He has shown in the past he can get the players around him geed up for the big games. Just look at his display against Celticin the cup semi-final a couple of seasons back. He ruffled up Scott Brown a few times so he knows how to handle the big occasions.

"I know Andy well as we have some friends in common and he's a great lad. He will be gutted about missing out on Thursday. It will hurt a lot.

"He gives the team that drive and energy, so to leave him out of the squad entirely just seems a bit harsh. That's the manager's decision though and Andy will just need to take it on the chin.

"I've never heard of the side Rangers are playing but you never know whether it will be a banana skin or if Rangers will go and batter them. So with that in mind you'd think it would be good to have someone like Andy about the squad who knows what Rangers are about.

"You just have to hope these lads that have been brought in from Portugal and Mexico can get up to speed quickly. The likes of Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller are still there but it's a massive call from the manager."

"Caixinha is bringing his own players in and that will be a big test for him to see how he gets on with his own team now," he said. "He's brought in eight players and is trying to get rid of a few.

"It's a sell-out on Thursday night and the new guys in that squad who have never played in the kind of atmosphere you get when you're at clubs like Rangers and Celtic will probably get a bit of a fright.

"These foreign lads will never have been in an environment like this."


What a fucking banger you are, Gregg :lol: 

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Talking nonsense here.

Gregg Wylde is a player who got off quite lightly with leaving after admin.

used the old I'd rather the tea lady got saved rather than me routine and had signed for Bolton in the premiership 2 days later.

he clearly told his agent to get him a new club as soon as we went into admin and left as fast as he could 

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Can't wait until we get rid of this sticking up for mates shite that has clung to us over the past few years. 

Be it in the newspapers or on social media these squads of the past 5 to 6 years for the most part have done nothing but talk complete and utter fucking dog dick. 

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Everything he is saying Halliday gives us has absolutely fuck all to do with actual footballing ability and with that logic they may as well pull someone out the stands and give them a game. 

Would of loved Halliday to do well for us but he's just not good enough - especially as a DM his passing not good enough  and defensive awareness as well which is something you need in that position and might of done better in a more advanced position and MW's short sight didn't help either. 

Best of luck Andy but we need better quality. 

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