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Graham Spiers, forced to resign last year from the Herald newspaper for lying about a Rangers director, has launched a disgusting attack on the Rangers Chaplain, Rev Stuart MacQuarrie. This latest smear from Spiers will have Rangers fans wondering what new depths he will plumb to attack anyone connected with the club. 

Spiers tweeted last night about attending a Catholic mass in Vienna. Following this, in response to a question from another Twitter user about Catholic Communion, Rev MacQuarrie tweeted twice regarding the topic. 

As you can see, Rev MacQuarrie's observations on taking Catholic Communion are factual and are in no way denigrating the Catholic faith. They are simply pointing out the differences between the Catholic faith and the Reformed faith. 

Spiers, in his usual dishonest fashion, has not only tried to twist the Reverend's words to score points with his preferred social media audience, he has also encouraged them to complain to Glasgow University where Rev MacQuarrie is also chaplain.

So there we have it, pointing out the differences between the Catholic and Protestant faiths makes you a bigot in Spiers' world. Spiers has scraped the barrel before but this latest smear on a man who has embraced all faiths in his role at Rangers and Glasgow University is a new low. It has also led to a number of abusive tweets to the Reverend which have come as a direct result of Spiers attack. 

We should probably expect this from a man who has made a career out of enflaming sectarianism in the West of Scotland but it doesn't make his behaviour any more acceptable. Sectarianism has become a lucrative business for Spiers as his paucity as a sports journalist has left it as his only way of maintaining any shred of relevance. 

Spiers has of course turned a blind eye to true bigotry for many years. In fact he only seems to want to comment when the so-called offence (determined by him alone) is coming from someone connected to Rangers. 

There is a touch of the 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' about Spiers, who once told the Scottish Parliament that thoughts should be criminalised and is now trying to get a man of faith sacked for discussing religion. 

One thing is certain, Spiers has burned so many bridges in journalism with his dishonest commentary that the Times in Scotland is his last print refuge. He is also used by BBC Scotland who have turned a blind eye to his antics and have gradually reintroduced him to their radio shows despite him being a regular, proven liar. 

Perhaps Rangers fans should take a leaf out of Spiers' book? They could ask the Times and BBC Scotland why they employ a man who has demonstrated time and time again that he is willing to lie in print, broadcast and on social media as long as it suits his agenda? This should be the final straw for Spiers.


Glasgow university have came to the Reverends defence.



The guy is a walloper.

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