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***** Official Progrès Niederkorn Vs Rangers Thread *****

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We went from that to giving Villarreal a game and pumping celtic in the space of a year Very, very confident for the upcoming season

I'm sorry but if anycunt attempts to sugarcoat this they can get to fuck. No matter if they're an employee or a supporter. This part time team from Luxembourg who have never won a game in Europe,

FC Progès Niederkorn vs Rangers FC UEFA Europa League First Qualifying round, Game 2 Aggregate Score: 1-0 to Rangers FC(Kenny Miller 37')                      Venue: Stade Jos Haupert, N

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17 minutes ago, BILLYBOY50 said:

Then a 40 minute build up before the main event happy days. No mobdro for me tonight though got some family coming up so just got premiere sports on for the month and hopefully the 2nd qualifying round will be on if not on terrestrial TV that is.

Think it starts 5 mins before KO on premier sports.

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    • Okay youngster keep y 40 + People right 🍺
    • Exactly. That's my thinking too. Rightly or wrongly (and this is just the way I think - so probably wrongly ) is that a part of dropping points and what makes it annoying as fuck is tarriers getting a jolly from it to make themselves feel better, but at the end of the day, any of them worth a fuck won't be getting any jollies or sniggering - they'd give anything to swap places with us. We've still had a considerably better night and in a much healthier position than they can dream of right now - so we shouldn't forget the bigger picture and lose track of that.
    • Aye, it would have been fantastic to hold on and get a win in both of these games but if we are sitting looking at our season so far and the worst we can take from it is two draws against Benfica while being top of our group and top of the league then it’ll do me The way we drew both games is a harsh lesson but I’ve a feeling no cunt in Scotland is laughing 
    • Was saying in another thread there (now that the dust has settled and I'm a bit more mellow) that if/when we beat Liege next week and secure qualification, I reckon everyone looks kindly on these 2 games as 2 good points won (when the jobs done). History books will make it look like 2 good results/points against Benfica from a Rangers team that's technically punching. Just doesn't 100% feel like it at the moment, but in the cold light of day it will end up feeling that way.
    • On YouTube under the suggestions, I seen that wee guys Celtic podcast (the one that had Sheridan on the other day) so gave it a wee listen to hear what they were saying/see some tears. One of them said about the Sparta Prague manager, imagine (Lennon) getting outthought off an old guy in a dugout with boot cut denims that probably has a Top Gun CD soundtrack in his Volvo   Thought that was pretty funny. The guy that does that podcast, I don't know if he's as rabid as the rest, but the couple of times I've heard him I've no found him too obnoxious - when Tommy Sheridan was ranting about Palestine, the monarchy, British imperialism, Unionist Tories on the Celtic board and a couple of times his guests have gave it the "new club" patter, he looks a wee bit embarrassed and no-sells their comments. Just an observation, I might be wrong on the guy and he's right into all his IRA shite etc but he strikes me as someone who just wants to talk Celtic and football and nothing else.
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