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***** Official Progrès Niederkorn Vs Rangers Thread *****

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4 minutes ago, ben51 said:

Can't believe posters can't open their eyes and see how utterly shite we are. 

Been so poor under Pedro. Just do not rate him at all. 

Some of our support are gullable as fuck.

his daft sound bites seem to have Gotten him cult status yet he looks a terrible manager.

will be sacked by the new year 

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We went from that to giving Villarreal a game and pumping celtic in the space of a year Very, very confident for the upcoming season

I'm sorry but if anycunt attempts to sugarcoat this they can get to fuck. No matter if they're an employee or a supporter. This part time team from Luxembourg who have never won a game in Europe,

FC Progès Niederkorn vs Rangers FC UEFA Europa League First Qualifying round, Game 2 Aggregate Score: 1-0 to Rangers FC(Kenny Miller 37')                      Venue: Stade Jos Haupert, N

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1 minute ago, Deanzmeanzheinz said:

Here we go - tonight's scapegoat. 

Tonight's scapegoat is the guy in the dugout. I'm still willing to give him a chance with his own players but the signs since he has came in haven't been good.

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Probably a touchy subject but i'd take McKay and his few good games a season over Dalcio and Candeias on what I've seen from them.

I just want to actually enjoy watching us play football. Buzzed for every game then kick off happens and slowly the buzz is drained away.

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2 minutes ago, ben51 said:

I wrote McCoist off early on and I was given grief, but I'm big enough to put my cards on the table and say I don't rate Pedro at all. 

He won't see out the Season. 

Said the same and think about this we are not awash with cash we've spent a lot of cash on Mexican and Portuguese players exactly where would we sell them if as I expect he's gone by Christmas?  

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