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Actually after a few more scoops,

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At this time with all the new signings it is not good to see how bad we are.

Does the manager actually have a clue? Waghorn is ridiculously poor yet has featured in most of the pre-season build up. Miller is now a midfielder (or whatever position he is supposed to be playing) and the new sensational signings are "whit the fuck" standard (Cardoso apart - I rate him). Dalcio when he came on tonight was shocking, not just bad, but outlandishly fuckin bad.

The fullbacks have to go. I don't want to hear "but Wallace is a legend". The full backs leave us exposed. Both are poor. Tav is just a nightmare at this level.

What position does Miller actually play these days? Wander around and pass the ball to anyone no matter what team they play for?

It's easy to jump on the boards' head for this, but they took a chance and backed the manager with a lot of money. Fair do's, and it's what we wanted, but ffs does Pedro have any idea about what it takes to manage a top football team? Really? A humping in any league game is not "just 3 points".

The board might have made a mistake but the blame lies firmly with the manager. I am prepared to give him a half dozen straight, good wins in the league before I say enough is enough, but in the meantime I hope the board are sizing up a replacement.

The thing that scares me the most is not just that the manager doesn't have "it", but neither do the players. And if these new players are on 3 or 4 year contracts any new manager will be lumbered with them.

Come on Pedro shut the fuck up with the comments to the press and get a winning team on the pitch.

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