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We are getting dorrans and maybe walker. People are talking about bring an extra 5 or 6 players when we have a first team squad of 25 already.

We are stuck with the players we have just bought and hopefully we can get rid of some of the deadweight.

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In an ideal world we are still short of:

A clinical striker.

Two wingers - one for each side.

A left back and a right back.

A vocal commanding goalkeeper.

A midfield trio of Dorrans, Jack and Pena I think would do well and with Cardoso and Alves in defence we have a good enough spine in there.

Even if we got another winger (Walker) and Dorrans over the line before the end of summer window then that would be enough for now.

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Not including Dorrans,

A keeper.

2 full backs

Possibly another winger as well to replace McKay. But then again we've been told by his fan club on here that he's not actually a winger he's a number 10 so I don't know if he needs replaced.

Another striker as long as we get rid of Waghorn first. We could use the transfer fee we get from him to buy the new striker a pair of boots.


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