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Frank 'wherez ra birds' McAvennie on title stripping


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Other than using Laudrups name (he didn't have an EBT) and a sly dig at us - this is surprising from the bold Frankie :sarcasm:


Don’t punish Rangers players for the club’s tax mess, says Frank McAvennie

STRIPPING Rangers of their titles would be a massive own goal.

Regardless of what was going on behind the scenes, the guys on the park won their silverware fair and square.

And the club should get to keep it.

If we’re being honest, you can bet the rival fans enjoyed their teams’ classic games against the mighty Ibrox sides over the years.

You can’t just revel in some of the finest football Scotland has ever seen — all those last- minute winners and flashpoints — then pretend none of it never happened.

And I say that as a Celtic man.

There were times we didn’t even finish second in the league so I’m not sure what anyone gains from stripping titles.

I understand the Supreme Court ruling was damning, that Rangers lost the case and that people will talk about years of EBT use — but how does a tax scheme alter what players were able to do in a game?

The way I see it, they did nothing wrong — that was down to the high heid yins.

If I was offered a contract like they were, you can be sure I would have accepted it and gladly played.

But there’s another side to this as well.

It’s not just about Rangers and Celtic.

What about Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock and the likes who are not of the same size or stature?

Their players would never have dreamed of sharing a pitch with the likes of Brian Laudrup, left, or Frank de Boer — quality footballers who could have played for most teams in Europe and yet we got to enjoy them in Scotland.

It means that average players shared the park with people they’d otherwise only see on TV.

And I can tell you, that is a real honour.

It’s the reason I moved to England — so I could test myself against better players.

The fact we were able to get what I craved in Scotland years later just made for more excitement.

Punish who you want upstairs, but don’t punish the players who won their matches and made memories in Scottish football that will last a lifetime.

Our game wouldn’t have been as fantastic without them and taking titles away means nothing to anyone.

It would be a token gesture that just wouldn’t sit well with me.

I know both sides of the Old Firm wind each other up and like to joke around, but I doubt anyone genuinely thinks taking away trophies makes a difference.

At the end of the day, other teams lost.

Maybe it wasn’t fair and square behind the scenes — but the players on the pitch didn’t care.

They battled and fought for three points the same way anyone else would. 


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We were able bring players like Gazza's and Laudrup here without the use of EBTs.  Someone should inform Frank of this.  The amount of people who think EBTs were in use during the 9-IN-A-ROW years is unreal.

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Fair enough article from one of them and at least shows some sense of perspective. The mention of laudrup is a bit random but I can see where he is coming from when he talks about the quality of players being taken on at the time.

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3 hours ago, quabba said:

aye didn't expect that from Frankie boy. quite fair and honest. beggars wont like him one bit for that though.

Frank's not as rabid as cunts like Lennon. He's RC, and a tim, but he's also spent time playing in England for West Ham - and as a teenager he never expected he'd be a professional footballer. He doesn't really have the same mindset of cunts like Sutton and Lennon - though that might be due to being around prior to the "for every fiver Celtic spend, I'll spend a tenner" Murray era (which seemed to have embittered the tims as much as 'the divide,' some even more so). 

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15 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

Amount of taigs who like to mention laudrup etc when it had nothing to do with them. Hamed namouchi got an ebt. Laudrup never 

Perception is reality; they think if they say it often enough our 9IAR year titles become tainted or something. 

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