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Positives about Pedro


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Seems to still have a decent amount of backers am I missing something? Nothing I have seen from him gives me any hope that he will be successful. The only credit I will give him is how fast he has turned over the squad 


Go on list some of his good points...

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I'll try....not that I'm a fan of his, just trying to be patient....

Discipline....the noises about him trying to set a high professional bar off the field and in training is positive to me and I hope we see some long term benefit to that approach and that any players unwilling to commit to a high level of professionalism in every aspect of their lives are weeded out.

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The sooner the dud is gone the better for Rangers, he has brought us to new lows and God knows how much further he will bring us down. There is no positivity about him, and many unfamiliar posters on here who are spouting the positive line about him seem to be tims on the wind up, in the same mould that many bears were about keeping Mowbray and Delia. Not buying it, and just hope he is gone before the season isn't lost completely.

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Was grateful to take the job and cheap to appoint when anyone of stature would have fled.

Says "I'm very happy with the backing I've received" and "yes boss" at the right times.

Comes with a built-in scapegoat mode that will buy time for the board when this season ends seeing him leave the club (easy enough to make stay into the season after that if he "achieves" 2nd this season).

Probably a nice enough bloke to know.

Doesn't appear to think players from League 1 will piss it here.

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Will be better than Ally in the cups :whistle:

Takes no shit or balls walloped off his arse.

Knows we are a huge club and appreciates the job.

Talks a good game and can adapt and transition his patter to the slightest stimulation.

Has never had a team relegated even in tough places like Qatar.

Is a decent enough chap.

Would leather Brendan Rodgers.

Has decent clothes.

Can fight bulls.

Knows tricks with tumblers.

Appreciates supporters.

Doesn't wear tracksuits or pump transsexuals.

Will be instantly forgettable.

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He arrived.  He saw.  He was conquered by a lowly Luxembourg team of part timers.

He has experience.  That marvellous thing that enables a football manager to recognise a mistake when he makes it again.......and again.......and again.

He takes full responsibility.................and then nothing happens as a result.

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