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Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

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from the wed forum      Totally agree mate. The Rangers support was nothing short of amazing.   Nothing to do with 'arse licking'. Their support from start to finish and the n

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1 hour ago, born a blue nose said:

They had a 25 minute spell were they where the better team. The other 65 the famous bossed it. 

2-0 was the correct score.

When we went 2-0 up we totally took our foot off the gas. We were so much in control that the bears in attendance were happy to party, and those of us on the forum were happy to talk about how solid we looked throughout. They made a couple of chances but Wes did his job. It was only a friendly but we did win it easily.  

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3 minutes ago, sausagetrunks said:

from the wed forum 



Totally agree mate. The Rangers support was nothing short of amazing.


Nothing to do with 'arse licking'. Their support from start to finish and the numbers that travelled and in most parts the way they behaved was brilliant.


Some of the mugs on here congratulating themselves for not going and trying desperately to belittle Rangers are, to be honest a bit of an embarrassment. 


Considering it was £15.00 and there will only be 5700 watching next week, the amount of Wednesday fans there today was p**s poor. Like you say, we like to big ourselves up, but it seems on here like a huge justification exercise why people didn't want to lower themselves to bother turning up to see this no mark outfit (who happened to play us off the park and show support we can only dream of).


As a spectacle, both inside the ground and before the game, it was unbelievable.


We were at the Old Crown before the game and the atmosphere was brilliant, spoke to loads of Rangers fans and all of them wanted to talk, were friendly and just out for a good day. I witnessed more Wednesday fans being wee pipe heads the other night against Donny than i saw among 10,000 Rangers fans today.


Also, some of the self righteous crap spouted on here about the songs they sing and God forbid the flares and fireworks and whatever else they risked life & limb with, smacks of 'holier than thou' and the nanny state gone mad. (Bet some of them even parked illegally)!!  They created an unbelievable atmosphere and did it in the main with good humour and without any aggression. 


Some of the comments on here about a club that are one of the traditional mainstays of British football and arguably a much bigger club than ourselves, smacks of naivety and arrogance and probably part of the reason why more & more other clubs who used to quite like & respect us are starting to think we are maybe not the fanbase we once were.


The Rangers fans were magnificent and anyone who loves the game should applaud their commitment and what they brought to an otherwise routine pre season run out. Anyone who can't appreciate what they brought to this occasion, either didn't go, or had a pre determined agenda against Glasgow Rangers.


Arguably?!? :lol: 

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2 hours ago, sausagetrunks said:

wed fan on there forum, lol ffs deluded or what.




For all those moaning, did you go?


When I was leaving the stadium people where literally gushing by how well we performed. It's just those on here who think they know it all.


I know it's only one game so we can't get carried away but if that is evidence of things to come then we can certainly feel confident about our chances. For those slagging off Jones - he absolutely bossed the midfield today. His corners were dream like. I was nursing a big, fat f*ckin' hard-on every time he stepped up to take a corner they were that good. 


Like I said - we were unlucky.


The better team lost today, simple as

Ffs I was saying to my husband that I thought Wednesday were very poor. 

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2 minutes ago, wullyRFC said:

There are plenty of their fans on their forums who believe they are a bigger club than us. It's not even debatable.

All due respect to SW who seem like great hosts, but the about of clubs who've achieved absolutely nothing in their entire history but have money due to being based in England and living off of Sky TV cash is absolutely ridiculous.

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