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Reflect on the last 5 years in your own words


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A lot of our fans now refer to it as "The banter years" but after last Tuesday and numerous other things that have happened over the last week or so, it feels like we're still stuck in the middle of "The banter years" - although what I would say is we've got through the worst of it, the lower leagues, the Challenge Cup, the hilarity of the players we were signing under McCoist, the charlatans running our club at boardroom level, the struggling to beat teams like Cowdenbeath and Annan..

I actually believe it's our supporters who have pulled us back from the dead. I don't think just any old club could have went through what we've been through over the last 5 years and got themselves back to a degree of normality, with the goal to be once again challenging for the top prize in the country. It takes a special kind of desire and determination to get you there but we as a support knew that from day one of the madness, we weren't going anywhere and our end goal was to get Rangers back to the top and winning titles again. 

So with all that in mind, I want to know what it's took out of you as a person? When you love and care about something the way that you care about Rangers, and you need to watch it being brought to it's knees, it's very existence hanging in the balance, being attacked from every possible direction, going from the perennial champions of Scotland to playing in Scotland's bottom tier, humiliation after humiliation on our road back up to the top, reading the news every week to see there was something outrageous happening at boardroom level that was harming the club.. Then it's bound to take a lot out of you, it's bound to have a personal affect on you as a person. 

So in your own words, share in your own words how difficult it has been - or continues to be -

and do you now think that your support for Rangers is unbreakable? There is simply nothing that will stop you from loving this club?

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Dreadful, occasional moments of joy and laughter, but make no bones about it this is worst period in the clubs history. Still a long road to go but come the day we secure number 55, it'll make it all the more sweeter.

As a supporter POV, if you make it through these last few years that support is unbreakable, if there was a time for it to be broken it would have been then. 

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5 minutes ago, MacBoyd said:

Alot more bitter and barely talk about football to the fans of the other clubs.

Several people I considered friends I no longer have any contact with at all. 

No regrets, it showed them up for what they are. 

Apart from that the entire experience was pish and unjustified. 

When we take our rightful place back however it will be sweeter than anything that's been and gone. 

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I travel down from Broughty Ferry with another two or three big Gers fans. We all renewed our season tickets through all the divisions and watched some amount of shit during those years. It was difficult but it was absolutely necessary that we continued to support the team during those years. I think what we thought of most games can be summed up by saying that several times, on the drive down, we asked the question, 'who are we playing today', and nobody knew. We were only there to see the Rangers. WATP. 

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An awful, horrible catastrophe of 5 years that has as well as bringing some shitey results, actually reinforced the fact we have some of the best supporters going.

On the bad side some results have been pitiful but on the good side winning the petrofac with a near full house of bears at hampden, setting all sorts of record attendances and also putting the tims out of the scottish cup semi were all moments im glad i saw.


In short......


The Teams pish, the support are magnificent

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1 minute ago, Frank Harrison said:

As shite as it's been some of the best times I've had following Rangers were in the lower leagues. 

It's wasn't really the lower leagues that was the problem it was the shite we were serving up. 

Know what you mean to an extent, certainly surreal at times. 

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5 years ago we would have been uttering things like

"Anyone else a bit worried about this Craig Whyte guy?"

"Sandaza will be good if he gets support"

"Heard Robbie Fowler is signing"

So in perspective things have got a lot better believe it or not.

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