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***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***


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48 minutes ago, BlueThunder said:

I wouldn't imagine they will show it live if there are plenty of tickets left. I expect it to be shown later but will be pleasantly surprised if available live.

Im expecting this to be shown live. Burnley game was.. all games are, apart from the recent closed doors ones, but they never used to show those at all in previous seasons.


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2 minutes ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

Typing up my Pedro out post the now.

Doubt we'll win, nor should we given they have such a strong settled squad, so I'll go for a 3 nil Rangers victory and be beelin if it doesn't happen.


It took me a couple of times to read before I got it!

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Guest Lloyd72

Not expecting anything from this and won't be blaming Pedro if we lose either because Marseille will just be too good for us. 3-1 them


     Hodson  Alves   Cardoso  Wallace

                  Dorrans    Jack

 Candeias                             Beerman

                  Herrera   Morelos

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FFs fat fingers !


What i want to try against le cheats and then probably against la smelly terrorists.


Cardosa   Alves  Wilson 

        Jack       Rossiter

TAV         Dorrans      Pena




What i think he will do:


Tav   Alves Cardosa Wallace


Dorrans           Pena 


      Herrera         Miller 



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From what I`ve heard we didn`t play anywhere near as badly as the result sounds against St J so wouldn`t mind them trying that formation again, not seen match footage myself just from what I`ve heard from others. The predicament seems to be that MIller is the only one in the team who looks likely to bury a chance or nick a scrappy goal but when he plays I think he hinders our play by dropping deep and out wide so would like to see Morelos come in for his position as well as obviously Alves coming into the defence alongside Cardoso.

Personally I`d be pleased with any kind of competitive performance

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Guest Lloyd72
1 hour ago, Spiderpig said:

Whats wrong with Cardosa?....

With the player? Nothing. But that spelling of his name can get so far to fuck

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