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Craig Thomson


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1 hour ago, G.E.C. said:

One thing that bothered me today was him refusing to book Payet who made a tackle worse than the one Dorrans was booked for. Is he the worst referee in Scotland?

Did that bother you as much as the seagull attacking the blackbird, btw there are no decent refs in Scotland and who would want the job only to  e hounded by taigs.

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2 hours ago, Rfc52 said:

they're assigned for friendlies. We tell the sfa we have a game and they allocate officials sadly 

Am sure bobby Madley or whatever you call the cunt was doing games over in that Asia trophy for the English cunts,fuck Thomson anyway

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6 minutes ago, Tenerife Bear said:

His booking of Dorrans was a disgrace. Welcome home Mr Dorrans eh. 

It happened right in front of me, Dorrans took his eye off the ball and went a little high trying to retrieve it, a word telling him to calm down would have been enough.

If it was a competetive game he would have been off for a late tackle in the 2nd half but he went hiding from the ref.

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