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*****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

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Just now, gogzy said:

So did we fall apart and deserve to be down? Or are we being shafted by the ref?


Wish i had seen the first half :lol:

Both. Ref has fucked us giving us nothing and sending Jack off.

We could've and should've been more than 1-0 up, however their 1st goal was joke defending and their 2nd wasn't any better.

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2 minutes ago, tannerall said:

Amazing how far the corrupt scum running Scottish football will go to blatanty cheat against the mighty Rangers just to ensure cellic minded have an easy time. 

Football as well as politics in Scotland totally fucked.

fukked by fenian bastards, still want know why a red card

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Just now, Potdog said:

Very little but you obviously don't know what it means to support a team it's supposed to be through thick and thin if you want to glory hunt go support someone else. Aye the refs are against us but how is that the clubs fault? 

i don't know how to support a club? been fucking supporting this club for 25 years and paying £400-500 odd a year on a season ticket. if anything my support increase since 2012...but we are just a fucking mess. it's hard to watch.

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3 minutes ago, delparlane said:

If there was ever any doubt about an agenda against our club, this performance by that prat in black will squash it. Absolute fucking joke.

In all the games of Scottish football I have seen I have never seen cheating on that level in my life and that really does say everything there is to know. Not even anywhere close to being a red card and was done on purpose to kill Rangers chances of getting any 3 points, disgusted to be honest, no words can sum up how deplorable that was and this was nothing to do with Pedro, we were well in that game for the chance for 3 points and the ref destroyed it. Can't even sum up how deplorable that really is.

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Just now, psb07158 said:

The goal we conceded was just after Miller missed an absolute sitter that should have been smashed in and we'd have been 2-0 up and cruising. 

Ref then completely fucked it. The Jack sending off is outrageous 

Thanks bud, so overall we have played alright?

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I'm not one to moan about refereeing decisions, but this ref has lost the plot. Hasn't been able to control the game at all, and how Jack can get a red when Stokes is still on the park is beyond me.


We can still pull this back, but I feel like the ref will be delighted to send off more of our lads.

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Hibs are bossing us at Ibrox.  Passing the ball around in midfield and pressing us in our own half.  This isn't acceptable by any means.  We HAD to get winning to put the pressure on Celtic prior to the first Old Firm game and to fuck it up in the second game is a disaster.  Fucking ragin.

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