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**********The Official Rangers vs Jam farts thread***********

Guest Lloyd72

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26 minutes ago, Ryju84 said:


Although there is a part of me that thinks the refereeing precedence has now been set early in the season (which is a good thing). I don't think any ref will be as incompetent in any game now.

With the television evidence in our favour showing the bad refereeing and the numerous pictures of TLB and his gestures, there will be a few refs who can see how badly that game was handled... and wont want to be like that. Not all, maybe, a few...

And if they do then we should be demanding answers. 

Unfortunately we are talking about Scottish refs...................

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Jam farts

Delete before anybody else sees the title.

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33 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

Every other Saturday's ma half day off.........

Rangers 3-1, Morelos, Dorrans & the Warriors Rugby Player


Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace

Candieas Jack Dorrans Windass

Morelos Miller

Thats a shit version of that song. It doesnt even rhyme or flow properly. I prefer the original. :whistle:

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On 8/14/2017 at 9:17 AM, BILLYBOY50 said:

Hearts are rotten and if we don't win this game then pedro is going to be under more pressure. I feel fucking sick to my stomach talking like this with the season only just a few weeks old and I didn't expect it. I thought we would hit the ground running as we really had to and not fall points behind the scum so early in the season. Hopefully Saturday was just a blip we learn from it and the players show a reaction but I have a horrible feeling that some of pedros signings will not be upto the task also still feel we have too many of last seasons duds in and around the first team squad and that isn't helping. I think we have a few good players much better than last year who we can build a strong squad around but also we have players who are not and never will be good enough to wear the rangers jersey. I hate being so negative when it comes to the team I love like all of us do and hopefully pedro and the team prove me wrong but I can't see it somehow.unless we add more quality to the first eleven in the areas where we all know  we need to strengthen.

if you hate being negative...then stop doing it.

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Guest Lloyd72
37 minutes ago, Valance1690 said:

Dont care who plays for us just now tbh, as long as we get closer to those bastards

He'd be a step up on what we have currently, as would Naismith.

He'd take us backwards

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