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1 hour ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

Agreed and thinking back to when I was a kid, I remember the late great John White who, not for nothing, was called the ghost because of his ability to lose a marker, find space and Score goals.  Hopefully Pena can be our Mexican ghost.  

Great inside right - tragically killed by lightning.

I went down to White Hart Lane in '62  with thousands of Bears along with high hopes that a great Rangers team would beat a great Spurs team - we lost 5-2 to White, and his fellow legends Greaves, Brown, Blanchflower,  and MacKay. Loss was hard to take but some experience for a 12 year old!

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Took some clips of noteworthy points in the game for Pena, now he did make some mistakes and I haven't done those so I'm not saying the guy is the real deal yet, he's still rusty but there is potentia

if he is not going to throw on Pena with 10 minutes to go, when you are struggling to score - and would rather have Miller still on - what the fuck was he on the bench for? to keep him out the pub?

I really don't get the criticism of this guy. If it was Miller doing what he is doing we would be eulogising him. He can play the game, it's so obvious its frightening. He doesnt play in a typically s

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9 hours ago, Tenerife Bear said:

It's amazing how someone so shite can score so many goals. The guy is deadly but my goodness he couldn't trap a bag of sand or pass wind. Long may the goals continue though! :dance:

I said this to my dad the first time i seen Pena - the guy is the Mexican David Platt.  Do you remember him?  He has been awful on the ball but his runs into the box are superb. All he is interested in, is getting in the box and to score goals.  

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11 hours ago, Gazza1212 said:

Spot on

its the one talent he possess 

For me his brain is football but his body isn't up to speed watched him make great space for himself in great areas and sometimes let's himself down or nobody spots his movement.

Maybe it all adds up.when he signed he said he wanted to get back to the level he was.hope he does but maybe he has gone .sometimes that can happen to players that age.

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9 hours ago, Gazza1212 said:

It's a pretty good attribute to have right enough and if he keeps it up then he'll do for me. I'm curious though would you say he has more about him? 

Well he seems to know how to find the net once he's gotten himself into good positions. And his heading of the ball has been top class.

Plus this is him just getting up to speed.

Just hope he can cope with the winter over here. Not so worried about Morelos since he's come from Finland but Peña has never played outside of Mexico.

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Have said before Pena has loads to offer the team.

His goals will be vital  (he currently has more goals than 'deadly Griffiths but with less game time), he seems to time his runs very well to find thst yard of space.

However, he still has more to do with his general play, there are times it looks like he's only recently been introduced to the concept of football.

I think that he's taking a lot longer than others to settle, the language, the culture even the football is very different & with time I think he will become an important player for us.

If he was the finished article we couldn't have bought him for £2.5m and he would be playing in Spain or similar.

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