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Levein has a swipe at Rangers

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"Hearts? It's Rangers here, we'd like to try and buy Jamie Walker."

"Oh yeah, how much were you thinking?"


"No chance, we'd want way more than that."

"Fair enough, we'll have a think and come back to you."

"Wait! How about we send him over to Glasgow, you can offer him a contract, then we'll see if we can agree a fee later"

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If Levein DoF looked at Levein football manager objectively, he should not employ the man who has consistently not won anything and failed in every big game he has had. Levein has consistently proven he is full of shite and this is just more of the same from the man who will be fighting relegation this season.

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They already accuse Walker of downing tools and he will be royally pissed off they never gave him his move to the famous.

There's no way he will give them 100% from now till whenever he jumps the sinking wreck of Hearts.

The smarter ones (I know?) have realised they are millions over budget for their 1970's wall of windows and would have bitten your hand off for £500,000 but no, their Napoleon complex kicked in and now they have a player who will definitely be resentful towards them and they have fuck all money to invest in the squad for the foreseeable.

And Levein is a complete shambles of a man!?


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Can you imagine if one of our players wanted a move that didn't go thru and Pedro came out and said "I bet he's gutted the move didn't work"? Hed get slated for it

But levein and all the hearts fans know they are a shitty no mark club and every one of their players would skip along the m8 to sign for us

If Walker is clever he'll keep quiet and keep his head down and keep playing well and sign for us in Jan and ignore the clown of a manager at his club and not get involved in the nonsense levein is trying to cause 

If anything that statement is an unintended dig at his own club not Rangers, he admits his own player will be gutted that he has to stay there :lol:

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