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Tarriers Allocation


What would you rather them getting.  

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1 minute ago, Three stripes said:

No ones asking to stop them

Give them the same as every other club..Man Utd Feyenoord etc all had the corner why should they be any diffrent and why should our season ticket holders move for that lot???

Because the number of them and us there is a massive part of what makes that game special. I mean, by all means say you're willing to sacrifice that, but let's not try to argue black is white by saying it wouldn't make the occasion shiter.

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I voted give them the corner but it's mostly for selfish reasons because I get moved to CD when they come.

I'll be honest I haven't found the atmosphere the same since we came back, probably because we keep getting beat by them. I'll let you know how much better is was in 2 weeks when we beat them!

On the other hand we only give hibs the corner and one of the best atmospheres I have experienced at Ibrox was 2 seasons ago just after xmas when we played them in the championship so I think the tims atmosphere could be just as good if they were only given a smaller allocation plus I could stay in my own seat! 

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1 hour ago, dougal72 said:

Would keep it exactly as is, the amount of away  fans at these games is a big part of what makes them so special.

Agree to a certain extent mate.Where I disagree is atmosphere is jumping against  hibs and aberdeen and they only get the corner so if it's ok for everyone else it's ok for them as well.They deserve to be penned in like everyone else is when they have to visit their house of horrors!

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I'd just give them the corner exactly what we do with any other away support that comes to Ibrox this season. They do this with us anyway when going to theirs, give us a shitty corner and the view is terrible.

Does anyone know why they get the whole stand anyway? Is it to do with segregation, policing etc.

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Been discussed many times. It's shite them having so many at Ibrox but there's not many better feelings than celebrating a goal at their shit pit. 

I would however move them to a different area. Maybe BF4, BF5, the corner and 2 or 3 sections of the SJ stand. Them being behind the goal makes it feel more like a semi final than a home game. We get stuffed away in a shitey corner at their midden so we should do the same to them. 

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31 minutes ago, Carsons Dog said:

Is it any different from when we play anyone else?


30 minutes ago, Three stripes said:


It would be 100 times easier there buses would get parked at the away car park and they would have a short walk to the corner.

police would love it if this happened.

A fart out of place and the standard away fans are held behind after the game and there's been plenty of trouble before games for teams who get the corner. 

I think it's easier for them to segregate when there's a road in the way and a section for them to 'congregate' outside the stadium when they block off the full Broomloan. 

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1 hour ago, K.A.I said:

We wouldn't lose the money tho. 


1 hour ago, kris1984 said:

Aye I suppose you're right.

We wouldn't lose all the money. No way can the club charge our own fans £50 a ticket for this or any other game. It's a mutual rip-off agreement the clubs have with each other. They rip our fans off at the peado dome and we do the same to them when they come to Ibrox.  

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I'm in the West enclosure.

I've also been to umpteen games at the tarriers place.

Given everything that is and has gone on I would forego a ticket for the rest of my days at the piggery if it meant they were barred from our place. I also think it would help our chances of winning at home with no away support.

If they were to get housed, imo the West enclosure and only that is the best place for them. Out of the way of cameras, couple of thousands, bears behind them in the main stand so no safety issues for us. Segregation outside could be sorted with them getting access via 5 turnstiles and escorted in a pre arranged route from the bus park.

I'd forego my West Enclosure ST for this and find a space elsewhere.

It would mean we could house all away support there, and make money from it by increasing ST sales in the broomie as they're now inclusive of bheast games.

Or for lesser support where minimal segregation is an issue sell tickets to the WE to bears and house the couple of dozen away support in the far corner of the club deck which are often empty.

Plenty options. But keep the status quo of them getting a far greater proportionate allocation than us, in a more prominent position in full camera view, fuck that.

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