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2 minutes ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

Usually we send young players like him out on loan,thank fuck we didn't.

We did.  He was at Dumbarton last season.  Looks to have done him a lot of good If tonight shows us anything!

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3 minutes ago, Vanoli said:

"The future of this country at centre back" says pedro. 

Thats the lads card marked in the media. Any mistakes for the rest of his career now he'll be a laughing stock. 

They'll probably ask Pedro about it at every press conference from now til the end of time as they do with the best squad in the country comment, not likely to go after McCrorie as he can speak English as a first language

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5 minutes ago, Ayrshire_Bear said:

Thought Cardoso was much better when Alves came off. Young Mccrorie was excellent when he came on. 

That's because Sammon left Cardoso alone and played right on top of McCrorie. Cardoso was getting bullied all night until Bruno went off, it's no surprise he looked better afterwards.

Edit: also, McCrorie handled Sammon like a fucking boss. Magnificent debut.

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Dont think Alves was 100% fit. 

Wee man done himself a world of good and was really solid. Can see he is used to the style of scottish football and jist got tore in. Cardoso followed suit and played well in extra time.

Lets not put pressure on the young man, Cb is a tough place to develop at Rangers. He is 4th choice and needs to keep pushing

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22 minutes ago, kanjo said:

Sounds like Beerman.  He had a good impact when he came on but it's too early to tell whether he is good enough.  I hope he is however.

Spot on far too early to tell but we always do this with our players hype them up as being the next superstar or world beater hopefully he's different.

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Encouraging to see pretty much every youth player under Pedro who has featured has did very well (bar Beerman toward the end).

For those that saw McCrorie's post match interview you could see from a million miles away he understands what this club is and actually wants it, a few should take note, pronto.

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