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Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread


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1 minute ago, Loyaleastend said:

They hate us, let's have a laugh at them,  it's a  kind of Rangers related thread in my mind,  given the pish their fans come out with?  If not, I accept my fate and will haunt the politics forum for all eternity.


I despise them and everyone from there with their stupid fucking accent and sheer arrogance that O&G brought. Great they got pumped 

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5 minutes ago, blueretro said:

I thought Aberdeen were insignificant and here they are getting a thread in the Bears Den. 

Could be worse could we could have 6 pages about a Rangers player making a tackle or 4 pages for a xenophobic article from the mainstream press...go figure!

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2 minutes ago, Loyaleastend said:

Why don't you start a thread on anything?  Oh right, you're too busy attacking me for posting anything



Where did I attack you? I just don't think Aberdeen deserve a thread in the Bears Den. Will you start a thread every time they lose a game? If so, I think you might be quite busy this season. Aberdeen are insignificant! 

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