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The beginning of the end!


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Just now, simplythebest said:

It's Jackson so can't be certain of anything, although it's never great when these sort of stories begin 

I agree but one thing about KJ like it or not he has contacts within Rangers. If the story is correct maybe friday will be it for him

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1 minute ago, BlueMexican said:

At least he is showing more passion than the players did on Saturday.

Also thought it was weird Dorrans passed the armband. Be different if Wallace was coming on as sub.

Jackson always has contacts inside our dressing room so he will be near spot on. No smoke without fire.

Possibly trying to work his ticket 

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Looks like typical Daily Rhebel shit stirring...  Here's the link from Rangers Observer:

"Pedro reads the Riot Act to underperforming players

September 26, 2017

Pedro Caixinha has left his Rangers players in no doubt about his expectations for the rest of the season, after a full and frank debrief at the Rangers Training Centre following Saturday's Old Firm defeat. 

Pedro gave Rangers fans a glimpse of his willingness for the fight during the game, when he confronted Scott Brown after the celtic player elbowed Alfredo Morelos - the latest in a series of unpunished elbows by Brown on Rangers players in recent Old Firm fixtures. Now it is the Rangers squad who are feeling the brunt of his determination to improve the fortunes of our club. 

Pedro stressed the need for the squad to work together in the coming months and put together a run of results to move Rangers into a better league position and progress in the League Cup. He has made it clear that he expects the British members of the squad and the new arrivals from Portugal, Mexico and Colombia to work together to address the inconsistency that has plagued the start of the season. 

There was always going to be a period of adjustment with so many new players from both the domestic scene and abroad, but it is clear Caixinha feels that the process of bedding the squad in should now be complete and that there can be no more excuses in Rangers' quest for trophies. 

The gaffer has told his foreign imports that they need to ensure that they have fully integrated themselves with the British core of the squad and has urged his domestic players to do whatever is necessary to complete that process. He wants the players all fighting together for the jersey and for the fans. 

A source close to the dressing room has told the Rangers Observer that the message was well received by the squad and that they are more determined than ever to show both Pedro and the Rangers support that they have the quality, determination and fight to properly represent our club on the pitch. 

Caixinha has talked before about the need for our players to win the battle on the pitch whilst also playing football. The fans and the manager will expect the squad to show the required qualities and bounce back from a disappointing Old Firm weekend with a win against Hamilton on Friday"

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He should read the riot act.

The players look frightened of the tarriers to scared to go head to head with them. The hibs game was more like an old firm game.

never understood that handing over the captains armband thing in any team. I'd be too embarrassed to take it off someone else if I was coming on as sub.

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7 minutes ago, cushynumber said:

What home based players? We have about 2.

What are you thinking it means by home players?

Wallace, Wilson, Jack, Dorrans, Miller could probably be described as home based players, or even extended to all British players in the squad.

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5 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

Turning on his players

That's if he's done that. I had an issue with Dorrans giving Miller the armband during the match as well; I'd like to think his mind would have been better on the match. From the piece on the RO, Caixinha seems to be being perfectly reasonable in what he's asking the players to do.

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