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Rangers Picture Thread

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A female celtic fan manages to get onto the field of play to confront Rangers keeper Peter McCloy at celtic Park.

The amount of times fans of theirs have invaded the pitch to accost players from the opposition is staggering and yet we're always portrayed as the bad guys.

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1 hour ago, real boydie9 said:




I've got the middle pic as a postcard with printed signatures on the reverse. It looks like they added in the trophies later in some sort of early photoshop process!

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On 21/04/2021 at 14:59, Johnny Dangerously said:


Was at that game and ended up drinking in the bushes with 3 neds in Croy. Train back into glesgae and they were going to batter a cunt cos he had a tuba on himĀ 

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1 hour ago, hawkfalcons said:

brilliant photo never seen that. Would love to see that in colour , wonder if the 2nd strip is white and blue band or red band

White with blue trim, not got a colour pic of it but saw this


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1 hour ago, hawkfalcons said:

Not sure what year this. The away strip seems to have a white top at the top of the stockingsĀ  just like we had in the late 60sĀ 


Must just be the light, they were the same as the home kits.

I think it's 1938-39Ā 



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