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Your first experience of Hampden

Copland bear

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1966 Scottish Cup Final was first experience. With my friend, we were just kids and we were sitting at the very  East end of the North Stand looking right into the stinking hordes! My friends faither was allowed to take us up to our seats ( changed days!) and make sure we were all right. He said 'if celtic score, politely clap'...aye right!

We sat there scared to death..LOL

2nd vist was the following Wednesday , in the North Enclosure, when King Kai hit a wonder strike to win us the Cup!!

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First Hampden experience - the 1961/62 Scottish Cup final when we beat Kilmarnock.

Rangers were at Hampden so many times in the early 60's with Scottish Cup and League Cup semi finals and finals it rivalled Ibrox as our home  park.

Most memorable time was the 62/63 Scottish Cup Final replay when we humiliated the scum so much they were leaving 20 minutes before the final whistle.

Another memorable occasion was Rangers v Eintracht in 1961 for the inauguration of the Hampden floodlights.

This was the same phenomenal Eintracht who I'd watched clean our clocks in the European Cup, and who later played Real Madrid in the final in what is considered by many to be the greatest European club match of all time.

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1970 Scotland v England 0-0 . The first 0-0 since they played the very first time. Attendance was 132,000 with a good few forgeries on top of that . Next one was 1-0 League Cup final with a young Derek Johnston scoring the goal and Willie Johnston sitting on the ball towards the end 

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8 hours ago, Copland bear said:

I am taking  my son along to Hampden for the first time this Sunday and it had me thinking about my first experience with my late father who passed away in 2012. I first went along to Hampden in April 79, League cup semi against Patrick which finished 0-0 and we won a the replay a few days later which I was also at with DJ scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win. I was also at the final the end of March with big Bomber Jackson scoring the winner very near the end to complete a 2-1 victory after being 1-0 down against Alex Ferguson's Aberdeen. My next experience were the 3 finals in the Scottish cup against Hibs a couple of months later  and I got to see  the Scottish cup close up for the very first time as they came around the park on a rainy Hampden night with the cup gleaming under the floodlights. I was hooked and a life long bear by now. I was 8 years old and 9 months, now my son will be 8 years old and 2 months, so the little cunt beats me by 6 months, we are both going to a league cup semi for our first game also  

So what was your first experience of Hampden as a child you can remember, not my da took me as a 2 year old shite. But your actual first experience you remember.

Who's was Big Tam's winner first experience? Lovenkrands? Jelavic , Or for the really  old codgers Karl Johannson in 1966? 

I fancy a 4-1 win and I have a feeling that  HIV might put them out and give us that extra wee lift.  Sitting in main stand p3 or something so at least the wee man is not stuck behind the goal and and a quarter a mile away from the goal nearest to you, which is a joke in this day and age for a national football stadium. 

But no matter who we get in the final I won't be taking my son , as if we get the tarriers they hit small kids with bottles , as was the case the last 2 seasons , and HIV fans can do what they want at the national stadium attack our players , charge our fans etc with very little done. 

No matter who we get in the final we are seen as the aggressors and they are seen as the victim in this fucked up country( Go figure that one out).   No surrender fellow bears and enjoy Sunday. ??

I was there. One of a few really awful matches we played at Hampden in that period.

Draws with the spoon burners. Draw with Dundee Hibs. Losses to Aberdeen and the scum in finals. 

Looking back I think I was a jinx?

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Final v Sheep in 83.

They showed off the ECWC & got a reasonable response from the Bears - wouldn’t happen now!

We should have won - Leighton made an amazing save from a Jim Bett rasper, where he went for it with one hand, missed & somehow tipped it over with the other!

Then they got that poxy ET winner.

At HT there was a muffled cheer from the Main Stand.

Folk were wondering why - I said ‘I bet Gordon Smith’s scored at Wembley’ - to mass derision from anyone within earshot!

I got one right, for once!


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1957 League Cup Final.  Close game, we were in it to the last minute when the winning goal went in.  Stayed until the bitter end, my dad and I, cheering on our heroes.  Remember Bobby Shearer's face at the end.  I was upset so much that I emigrated to Canada a few years later.  Made it back for the 1969 Scottish Cup Final.  No better.

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10 hours ago, Dickie1963 said:

Scotland 2 Czechoslovakia 1 September 1973 for team to qualify for World Cup Finals in 1974. 6ft2,  eyes are blue,  big Jim Holton after you,  nanananananana Over 100,000 at Hampden when everyone supported our country. 

And if a Scotland player was fouled by one of the opposition

"Holtons gonnae get ye"

He died at 42 years of age.

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