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Im not sure about Allardyce, nothing against him but has he ever been at a team that isnt the underdog? Teams will sit off us up here, he would be out his comfort zone in my opinion. 

Im all for just winning games and couldnt care less about the 'brand' of football at the moment. Wont take long for cunts to moan when opposition teams get 60% possesion at ibrox though.

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You're absolutely fucking off yer chump. Sorry but you really are a no well heed

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Big Sam used to come up to our Champions league games when he was manager at Bolton. On one occasion walking along the back of the Copland Road end we thought it was him but we weren’t  very sure. So my mate shouted from behind hey Sam is that you. He turned round straight away, the woman who was with him replied in her best Glasgow accent see Sam an you thought no one would know you up here. He wished us all the best for the game shook hands and carried on round to the main door. 

Sorry nothing to do with him becoming boss but just thought I would share that to show he does know a wee bit about our great club and it may not be a bad shout, I for one would love him to become our manager.  

Blether over

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We've got absolute tunnel vision when it comes to Murty. We got a result against the scum because for the first time under Rodgers they bought into their own hype and thought they could walk through us, we were piss poor in most of the other games. 

We were a lost cause last season, but we shouldn't be now. We've got some good players, and there's 28 games to go. We need to get our act together and Murty guarantees us nothing. 

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5 minutes ago, jackrfc95 said:

We lost to bottom placed Inverness and put in a shocking performance against Dundee under Murty. 

He was given an almost impossible job (and has again) but folk seem to only remember the scum game.

He lost his first two league games but his next three he fixed the mess.  To say otherwise is madness. 

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2 hours ago, Brackley Bluenose said:

The only man I think that can close the gap to the tarriers in a short space of time. Would be a very exciting appointment. Couldn’t give a fuck about style of play we just need to win football matches. 

You're not being ambitious enough. If we are talking unrealistic options, then we need to go for Carlo Ancelotti...

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Oh wee Billy’s magic, 

he wears an orange sash, 

he grew up in the south side, 

And used to smoke the hash, 

He knows what’s needed at this club,

to keep our dreams alive, 

if he’s still here come next season,

were goin fur fifty five!



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