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As away days go

Dan Deacon

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Just now, Dan Deacon said:

It's allowed in edin. Obviously if you're drunk and disorderly they'll still book you but drinking in the street or public places is permitted

I know that but I’m pretty sure they usually suspend it when the footballs on?

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I was there with 2 of my boys and 2 nephews although my nephews were up the top we were underneath. If anyone was on a supporters bus and seen a silver seat going down the m8 with 2 young boys waving at the buses with a Rangers scarf hanging out then that was me. It was great going down the motorway way the loyalist songs going and then Into Edinburgh way the flute bands blasting and into the stadium just had a brilliant atmosphere outside and In. The bears were excellent yesterday and the udr4 after we scored was superb stuff. Btw Murrayfield is also an outstanding stadium that’s the first time I’ve been. 

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16 hours ago, .Williamson. said:

How could you possibly get the same experience online as you do at a game? At a game everyone is behind the team as one, this is an opinion forum to express what you feel needs changed at the club 

The Rangers' oneness I'm talking about, while experienced at games, is certainly not limited to being at a game.

eg. it's the feeling you get when travelling and singing with Bears on a supporters bus down to Wolverhampton, and taking over the town; 

Or, when you're 11 years old heading to Ibrox on your own upstairs on a corporation bus wearing your tammy and scarf, and three paedo bawbags come on, take your scarf and tammy and ragdoll you, then, at the next stop, four bluenoses come up the stairs, look at you and say, 'You awright, wee man?,' as the scum fuckers shite themselves, hand back your scarf and tammy and scarper doon the stairs, as we all proceed to give it laldy singing TBB.

I, and probably you yourself, could give other examples of the kind of oneness I'm talking about.

And a Rangers forum is certainly not limited to, as you say, expressing what members feel needs changed at the club - it encompasses this, but it is and is capable of much more eg. opinions of posters that like some things at the club and don't want changes, a place to find mates, to reminisce, to exchange ideas on players and tactics etc etc... 

Rangersmedia can be a place to experience Rangers oneness and belonging but sadly it rarely is. More often than not it's quite the opposite and we are at each other's fucking throats usually over fuck all - take last week in the locked Pena thread as an example, we are constantly slagging the fuck out of each other - and that's got nothing to do with differences of opinion or banter.

Compare, for example, the first time you went to Ibrox with your scarf and how you felt among fellow Bears with kind of welcome new members get on here or when the usual posses gang bang a poster.

There's not much of that Rangers oneness on here and their could be. 

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