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*** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

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Still buzzing with that. Probably the best we've played since the day we put the taigs out the cup. Murty nailed it, Jack and Tav were immense, Alves was for the first time the player we were meant to have signed and young McCrorie is some fucking prospect. 

Trying not to over do it, the game at the weekend will be tough. But last night showed that unlike last season there are genuinely solid foundations for a quality manager to build on should we get the finger out and appoint one.

And by the way, having barely kicked a ball all season... we're still only 7 points off the greatest side to ever grace this planet.

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Aye right we get it mate yer on holiday.

Fucking intae these shower of scumbag cunts Rangers.

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3 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

Aye the start of the thread before kick off was them giving it the big one about how they were going to batter us 4 or 5.

Then there this morning they'd all turned on eachother :lol: 

Said this at the game last night.

If we beat them twice in a week and then announce McInnes on Monday, hopefully a good few of them do themselves in.

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6 hours ago, Deanzmeanzheinz said:

Without a doubt. It’s the three type of players around him that I’ve been banging on about for months. 

A mix of winger/no.10 with speed,  skill and carry a goal threat (in short 3 Aluko’s). I’ve we had that we would regularly score around 3 goals a game in this league and that would make us consistent and rack up points. 

For me Windass, Candeais, Pena, Miller, Holt are squad players at best. Get three first team players in that area and that will improve us no end. 

Thought Holt was buzzing and did extremely well last night. Does seem to blow hot and cold, but I dont doubt his passion and when he's clicking he is a genuine asset.

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Just watched the game there and a brilliant all round performance and if we had close to that level of commitment every game then we would be on the scum coat-tails for sure. hivs, dundee and hamilton :duh:

A few things I took from the game were:

How the fuck did GMS ever find the River Kelvin.

Drop only one man for Sunday, Kenny and play Candieas in the same formation as tonight (yesterday) and sorry but Buffalo stays out even if fit.

Holt, Jack and Windass were outstanding, as were TAV, Danny and big Ross.

McLean is a diving wee prick and I hope he never turns up at Ibrox as a player.

Gilbeys 1857 voddy is OK.

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