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Their time is up, but only the support can lever their departure.

They are not here forever, so they either leave at their pleasure and fuck knows what state we will be in by then, or they leave at ours.

What's it to be?

As for the morons giving it who replaces them, they will show, but not before the time is right, or indeed this board do the right thing and look for buyers.

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43 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

What annoys me the most is the guys who lead the boycotts of merch, STs etc to chase the other crowd are now nowhere to be seen. 

They made average fans feel somewhat guilty for supporting the team while they dined out on starving the club of funds.

Now we are stuck with a board that is arguably just as incompetent as those that went before. I don't really mind the incompetence per se, its that we were promised things would be better and more professional under this lot.


















*Except when we have our club ties on.

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34 minutes ago, Brian Fantana said:

McInnes saying no is a wake up call, he's obviously seen the state we are in behind closed doors. 

Tend to agree with this - someone elsewhere said move on, DM is going to be the one regretting turning down the move. Do you think he regrets turning down Sunderland - I don't.

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50 minutes ago, callumbo87 said:

Ive thought about this for years but SURELY there has to be a Rangers fan out there somewhere that is an astute businessman and has a fair amount of cash to get things moving again?!  

We have a huge following, has to be a few!?   

Would have to be a retired one why would you want your business interests hassled by those who now run Scotland 

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1 hour ago, gers31 said:

They are a laughing stock and nothing will change until they get kicked out but can't see that happening anytime soon 

We are stuck with them, just had an agm where the could have been ousted but they all sailed through.

Long dark days ahead until we get some sort of seismic change at board level.

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Gave the board my backing sadly tho despite being very successful businessmen they haven't the first clue how to run a football club. Time they were removed by whatever means tbh. This is up there with admin in the way I didn't expect it. Rangers fc knocked back by Aberdeen manager :megaanguish:

When will we get the break we all deserve FFS its been 5 yr of hell

I have never ever bought into the chat that our troubles will cost us a generation of fans until tonight mind numbing shit this is 

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Next to impossible to get a manager of any standing now. Any decent manger doesn't send a CV, to then approach a top manager after being turned down by a guy  who they have probably never heard of would be embarrassing to the extreme. I fully expect an announcement of Murty until the end of the season or a McLeish stop gap appointment.

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