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Alves & Murty Press Conferences

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A very good interview by both, Murty in particular.    Dealt deftly with the press questions albeit they were pulling their punches probably because they know there is no point in trying too hard to provoke Murty who is only there as an interim as he keeps reminding them.   A neat side-swipe too when he referred to the qualities it takes to be a Rangers manager....pressure and so on and 'if you can do it then its a fantastically rewarding place to work....'.    He's doing what DM did not seem to be prepared to do.

In a way its a rock solid bullet proof position he's in right now.    The good guy who has answered the call and when the board fucked up again continues to answer it and to do his best.   However it goes any criticism of him should be low to negligible because he was prepared to stand up and be counted while the board were still playing at recruitment shops and lost in their labyrinth of a failing and dithering process of trying to find a permanent manager.   If he makes a good fist of it for the games up to the end of the year I'd have to assume its going to be very very hard for the board to replace him with a different manager.   Seems to me the job could be his for the taking.   Hope the players respond by getting enough wins.....which they need to do anyway,   

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10 minutes ago, OhW said:

Why do these fucking morons use phrases like "the turn of the year" when they're talking to a guy from Portugal? They do it all the time. Use a bit of common sense and speak in plain English to foreigners.

I couldnt agree with you more. They did it to Pedro as well.. Bruno speaks excellent English but these sort of phrases arent familiar to people who havent stayed in an English speaking country or have had contact with English speaking people.

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27 minutes ago, Orange and Blue said:

 Thank fuck for Greame , he has the players and fans backing. 

I just hope that IF the results start going against him fans to begin to turn. It's a shit situation he's found himself in but he's doing amazingly well to handle it so far. There's clearly a wonderful manager in there, if only the guy could see it himself. 

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This guy didn't grow up a Bear but by God he certainly knows what we are all about and his love and respect he has for us comes through very clearly.

i believe, if given the chance to see this out til the end of the season, that he will deliver!

and who knows? If he gets through this period and gets a result against them, we could be looking at a serious title challenge!


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4 hours ago, NeoGeo7 said:

Murty acting with class again, refusing to put the boot in.

also I like the fact that at least our coaching staff have the foresight to plan for different eventualities even if the board employing them aren’t.

Graeme Murty’ humility and professionalism over this period has indeed exhibited the class and leadership that has been sadly vacant from other areas of the club hierarchy. He may not be of a level to take on this job permanently ‘yet’ but I genuinely hope that over the next 6 games he ensures the board have to employ a real ‘quality’ candidate to continue the path of progress which began with the first Aberdeen game last week. Good luck Graeme...

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7 hours ago, Barasa said:

I could listen to Graeme Murty all day, a lesson in professionalism.

He has adopted the protestant ethic of pragmatism, & will do for me.

DOF & coach is worth a go?

I can't listen to anyone in press interviews anymore tbh. Nothing against Murty as I think the guys great and ive a lot of respect for him, it's just we've been listening to so much shite in these interviews the past few years that I can't be bothered anymore 

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