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When Halliday comes back

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How do you think it'll pan out? The boy got a lot of flack and most of it quite rightfully. However I believe he was thrusted into a position he didn't really know and wasn't offered a lot of cover. 

So with a better formation in place, better players and decent manager. Do you think Halliday would get on better?

And do you think it'd be a better idea to push him forward to a position he might be more comfortable in?

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If he was as talented as he is staunch he’d walk this league but unfortunately that isn’t the case. We shouldn’t let time romanticise his performances. He was superb with Holt in the Championship but as soon as he came up against top 6 sides in the Premiership he was shown up.

Even in a ‘new’ formation, I’d still have Jack, Dorrans, Pena, McCrorie, Barjonas and Holt over him every time.

He should be allowed to find a team in the summer. We need better!

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I think all returning loanees deserve a shot. I think many if they had their way wanted Windass to get to fuck, Wilson never to play again and thought that Holt was just not good enough. Some probably still hold this opinion. However even their fiercest critics must accept for the past few weeks they have been key in our recent success.

Even now Fod, Tav and Morelos continually receive a lot of stick but again they've been key for us over the season.

In the right system, with the right players, with a manager who believes in him and plays him in a preferred position you never know. Maybe he'll also realise what he could be losing after being away for the last few months.

He wasn't great for us but I think he has ability. Time does hamper your judgement and makes players seem better than they were. His lack of game time this season is also concerning. I don't have an issue though with him coming back, knuckling down and giving us another option. Right now we are becoming more depleted from middle to front by the day and any other options would be welcome IMO.

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