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2 Scottish diddy clubs recently showing our board up

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2 hours ago, Gallows high said:

Oh fuck , I joined in 2011, you have me Sussed , that's all the problems solved now Einstein 

No, your just another mentalist, keep an eye on the ones who joined around then, have low post counts and only appear when there is controversy.  It's not rocket science, 

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3 hours ago, bil 65 said:

Why do u keep calling me a fat poof.....is it a deep rooted problem.... any way not really bothered wi ure name calling......u have been called out on ure ridiculous posts and all u can can back with is wee fat poof.......I take it your 15 and if so ure surfing on the wrong site.....it's called celtic boys club......now fuck off u degenerate

Mate, you’re not texting....

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4 hours ago, Gallows high said:

on the pitch numerous diddy clubs are showing us up , we are a laughing stock, that's easy to see 

but 2 shitty wee clubs boards have shown how having the balls to make a strategic managerial change can change things massively - Kilmarnock and Scumdee Utd . Both were fucked and rudderless but made creative decisions to appoint new managers and what a difference it has made 

meantime the fucking football business mastermind Stewart Robertson continues to run this club in to the ground 

we have the 2nd highest resourced club in Scotland run by the least experienced manager . 

the banter years keep running 

We are a diddy club 

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4 hours ago, To Be A Ranger said:

We're a club capable of achieving the highest position we can according to that DOF. Top 6 seems to be our ambition these days and its a bit iffy if we'll even get that.

I’ve backed Allen on here but that little pearl of wisdom from him is fucking bollocks and he should be chased for that alone. 

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3 hours ago, plumbGER said:


Never called you fat, but if the cap fits:lol:

What is this monstrosity of a post? 

So you can't write and can't read but you want to play the psychologist?:lol:

You are embarrassing yourself pal, are you drunk?


He joined in October 2012 and has only made 73 posts. 

Isn’t there a taig fan chief that writes everything full of ........ whenever he has anything to say........ 

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10 hours ago, saintbob1969 said:

Those were two good results with some good performances. 

Murty doesn't exactly have the tools to do the job with injuries and ... dead weight.

And in all likelihood ability.

Tactically, I'll give him credit for the draw with the bheasts and the diamond v the sheep.

But he's been outmanoevered tactically far more often than that. And there's a malaise about the 1st team squad he can't seem to shift.

Then there's some of the starting lines ups and substitutions that are baffling.

Nope. Nice guy and all that, probably a decent coach or assistant, but never a Rangers manager.

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Murty isn't the answer but he isn't to  blame either. And he has got us the 3 best results we've had over the past few years. The draw at the pedodome and the wins vs the sheep 

blaming him is exactly what the board want, a distraction and a scapegoat to ensure they don't get blamed 

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