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The amazing Rangers supporters

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4 minutes ago, Sonnybear1972 said:

Aye must admit theres no been many bheggars about the streets as usual :rofl:

They’ll be too busy stealing Wi-fi from a nearby library to be on Twitter peddling the myth that we’re somehow celebrating a draw tonight.. 

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On 30/12/2017 at 16:24, Drum said:

Had to watch on SKY today, our support came across loud and proud. 

Some visuals of the morlocks were hysterical, voodoo-no-worky in full flow whilst spewing obscenities at us. They really are a breed apart.  

the scum cannot stomach the fact that Rangers football club have progressed to the semi final of the champions league whilst in 25 years of trying the torbett towers mob have only managed to scrape through to the  final 16,

the cunts are jealous as fuck

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2 hours ago, Rfc52 said:

Went to the toilet at half time as one does and said to the copper, "right let the interior designers in" he was howling :lol:


Had a young copper next to us in the Upper who kept dropping his professional image every time we got near their goal.  Can only imagine what would have happened if we had scored.

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