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A obsessed celtic fan made a documentary about us, it’s premiered at the piggery

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29 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

We are still her mate

55 is around the corner  . Let them get themselves all worked up over fuck all

It will just make it harder for them to take when 55 does come around .

It is going to be a thing of absolute beauty

Dancing along the PRW. One giant fucking party!!!!!

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14 minutes ago, Negri's lovechild said:

They are a pathetic club who pander to the moon units in their support. I can only surmise that they make up a vast majority of their support and they let them push their conspiracy theories and half truths. 

Yeah . Always the victims . 

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41 minutes ago, gmcf said:

Have they not got a bit of previous with this ? 

Pretty sure there was some film about all the refereeing decisions going against them getting a premier at the piggery a while ago.  


It's the same guy who made both films.   Tragic bastard.

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37 minutes ago, gmcf said:

I'm not so sure it breaks rules , but I can't think of any other team that would indulge their fans so much so as to make themselves appear so pathetic to the outside world . 

I think there are rules but can't be fucked trying to Google it. 

They are sad fucks regardless. 

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35 minutes ago, Tumshie said:

Yeah the world's against them. Wracking up title after title and playing in Europe while we are cutting about in the lower divisions. They really a bunch of braindead bastards.

The beggars have always preferred an easy ride , something for nothing . No competition .

It's what sets them apart from the rest of the Country

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