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Best window since Walter returned?

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Basically you can only hope we've no signed mer shite that we cannae unload, good wee start for them against Fraserburgh should be a good run oot to break them in then a midweek home against the mutton which will test their hunger. After that Ross county then plastic whistle, games that they can build on and have a good run in the cup, realistically beating the bheggars in March would do for me !

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I agree bd we need to hit the ground running with the new players and go on a run showing more consistency than we did in the first half of the season. But for me we need a win for definite against the scum from the east end in March and see how they handle the pressure. Also we all deserve some joy against those rancid wean shagging cunts.

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I'm happy with the recruits. At least we know what to expect with them and they know what' expected and the game up here. Not the quality of the past but should improve our options a lot. Just hope we can go on a good run and put some pressure on that lot to see what they are made of.

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Been thinking about this I think best we aren’t sure of but most sensible window since? Without a doubt 

these players or most of them won’t win a title from celtic imo but I’m using the same logic as I did when I wanted McInnes in, in the sense that it’s about being sensible and building and consolidation before challenging 

we should have made these signings the minute we got promoted instead of Crooks, Hodson, Dodoo, Senderos, Garner and building a team around Holt and Halliday in the middle etc 

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The face we have signed players who are either Rangers supporters, or who are playing in Scottish/British football can only be a good thing.

One thing we have lacked in the last few years is fight and passion, especially when playing the scum across the city.

With Dorrans and Miller also due to return, this will only help things around the dressing room. Thomson and Vignal nearby on the coaching side of things. Looking forward to doing battle with them now we are building a core.

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You would think by now that every fucker would know that you just can't predict how signings will work out.

Pedro got a couple right and a shitload wrong. Warburton did the same. Even the window of Walter's return was great for getting Weir and Thomson but how did it go for Andy Webster and the "wonder kid" Adda Djeziri from BK Frem?

Even then, I thought Webster was a far better signing than Weir.

Based on the fact we have fuck all money and actually died 4 days ago, it looks like we're having a sensible window. No huge gambles, no great surprises, but solid looking business with no tough fixes if the deals go tits up.

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