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On yer da's cock yaasss

Good cunts    CR2 for me. 

Clubs diabolical but i'm still excited as fuck about getting a ST

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17 hours ago, K.A.I said:

Flit between Govan Front and Bar72 - good views in both ... a lot of annoying bastards in the Govan Front though. Like the worst sort of people in the universe that remind me of a nationalist, Catholic, school teacher, homosexual and student all rolled into one, remarkably.

Do you dye your hair by any chance ?

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On 16/01/2018 at 18:48, .Williamson. said:

Doing research into the best areas of the stadium for a ST. 

I was going to buy one over the weekend but I don't own a child so apparently I don't qualify for one in the only areas currently left.

Come next season id like to finally have one though and with there being a bus going to home games not far from my house it seems doable now.

So where do you all sit so I know where I would like to avoid

Ffs have you ever been to Ibrox? Reading all your previous posts you seemed like a genuine supporter, to not know the fkn geography of our stadium is embarrassing.  Dear oh fkn dear.  But as you ask, somewhere in breezeblock Boulevard might suit you. 

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6 hours ago, piperpete said:

Did you used to site with a guy who was a good artist as I got a drawing from him for a charity which was outstanding, the reason I ask is the guy I think is you talks and has the same sense of humour as your goodself .:dance:

Different guy mate but he sounds like a sound guy

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