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Corrupt officiating again

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52 minutes ago, DariuszAdamczuk said:

If the refs booking him then he must've seen it

If he sees that then it can't be anything other than a red, that goes for the last man challenge from their keeper for the penalty as well 

Lets not forget Davidson's 2 booking worthy challenges 

Rules changed on that, last man challenges and GK incidents like that you will usually always see a yellow now if the ref is following the rules.

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Referee got the booking right for the pen. Missed us being due a pen when Bates was pulled to ground- foul against Bates. Another player off with an injury, clear foul, none given.

Yellow card for a player he clearly witnessed booting Bates. Should be a red all day long.

Then their player who had done Murphy tried to take out Morelos- no foul.

There's a bias, an agenda, it's too many big decisions, too often. I sometimes think it's simply easier to not give us a fair crack as we don't complain.

Tonight's ref was incompetent. Beaton is more than that, he's deliberate.

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1 hour ago, piperpete said:

The Ref is an embarrassing mess to his trade, he saw a player booting a Rangers Player and decided to book him, how does that work ?

just heard tommy wrights interview he complained about kane getting booked as he said they were both pushing  both meaning bates  he never mentioned the kick and the interviewer of course did not dig him up on that

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4 minutes ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

He gets the feeling he's fucked over a team he dislikes, how else can you justify him seeing a violent conduct offence and only producing a yellow card

the ref tnite has been bad for years go back to the semi final ict v tims when the ict player stopped the ball on the line with his hand and he gave nothing that was mclean  he is not corrupt just bloody rubbish

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The referee saw it clearly but because Rangers are coasting the game he chooses not to red card him. Ignoring the rules because of the way a game is going is not poor refereeing. It's cheating. The Morelos "goal" in the first half was a clear foul on Bates which means another penalty. While that MAY be put down to a poor decision the blatant kick on Bates in full view of the referee cannot. He booked him so he saw it. It's cheating. Pure and simple.

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Just now, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

This thread is a fucking brass neck :lol:

So you think players getting away with a booking for kicking a Rangers player for no reason whatsoever means it's a brass neck if we call it for what it is? So Broonaldo kicks one of our players next match and gets a yellow. We should just accept it?

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15 minutes ago, Jelavic191 said:

The ref tonight was the same one who missed the elbow on Cardoso at Hampden in October. He’s just utterly useless like almost all of the other refs in Scotland.

He didn't miss the kick though otherwise why did he book him. Since when was kicking an opposition player a yellow card? If we had drawn or lost this game i have a feeling this thread would have been somewhat different.

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1 hour ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

Its not poor officials, not rubbish, its pure and blatant cheating, i dont care if we are 3 up or not, its brilliant to watch and more than deserved, but to see that blatant kick by kane and only give him a yellow is nothing short of cheating, 

Their keeper should also have been off. Bang to rights.

It's not for the officials to decide to keep a game of it and in both instances, that cowardly cunt cheated us.

We badly need to increase goal difference. Where does it end? What if it were against the scum?

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The Murphy foul you could see why he gave it at full pace. 

The kick on Bates isn’t even a judgement call, he is looking straight at a player blatantly kick another player off the ball and gave him a yellow. 

That isn’t incompetence, I don’t think they consciously cheat. But they definitely sub consciously don’t Ref the game fairly. 


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1 hour ago, Bristol loyal said:

on what plant is intentionally kicking a player off the ball only a yellow? Should have been a straight red for violent conduct but apparently it’s ok to assault a players as long as it’s someone playing for Rangers...

Or Rangers are coasting the game anyway,which is the reason i think he only booked him. Ignoring the rules because of the scoreline is cheating. I don't see how anyone can argue with that. And Murty should be questioning it,do it when we have won the game not once we lose a game and the shite call has possibly hurt us.

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1 hour ago, Sasa Papac's War Flashbac. said:

You sound like a tarrier. It’s incompetency, not corruption or cheating.  

How the fuck does he sound like a tarrier. He has an opinion and is entitled to express it. The player deliberately kicked our player. The ref saw it and gave a yellow card. A deliberate kick on an opponent is a red card. The ref was wrong and in my eyes he cheated Rangers. What fucking right do you have to call a fellow Rangers fan a tarrier. Oh I forgot it’s your opinion. Well your opinion is shite.

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