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Just now, born a blue nose said:

Fuck me that comes in yer laughing 

Spare change left over from one I got up yesterday, might start dabbling into cards next weekend my wee brothers pal raked in a fortune yesterday with fiver trebles. 

I'll get him to send me them later on. 

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1 hour ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Conway’s Pacific Media Group already own Barnsley in England, AS Nancy in France, KV Oostende in Belgium, Den Bosch in Holland, Esbjerg in Denmark and FC Thun in Switzerland.

Nancy - Bottom of Ligue 2 with 0 wins in 9 games. 3 points from 27.

Oostende - 10th in Belgium

Den Bosch - 16th in Dutch second division. 9 points from 24.

Esbjerg - 10th in Danish second division. 9 points from 30.

FC Thun - 6th in the Swiss second division. 13 points from 24.

Aye awrite Paul fucking Conway..

Used the example of selling Jack Hendry and some boy to an Italian team at a profit to back up his argument. 

Nisbet at Hibs, Ferguson at Aberdeen, McGrath at St Mirren, Dykes at Livingston and Shankland at Dundee Utd. No matter what you think of them as players all either could or have been bought and sold for a big profit by clubs in Scotland in recent years and this fanny thinks he will come in as some sort of messiah and all of a sudden start competing with us by doing exactly this :lol: 

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