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Roberto Martinez

Junior Soprano

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2 hours ago, KingKirk said:

All about preference mate. 433 high pressing football I love attacking football and will take that over a scrappy approach any time its a choice.

Thats the style that I believe brings a club more success going forward 

Until we start start conceding soft goals and dropping points left right and centre.

They are about to win their seventh title in a row because we’ve fucked about with managers who apparently want to play pretty attractive football for the past three years.

We need to hire somebody who will make us rugged and hard to beat, not another manager with an obsession with passing in triangles and no interest in his sides ability to defend.

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2 hours ago, Junior Soprano said:

Rumours that we have approached him. 


? no seriously 

I heard this months ago that he was coming after the world cup......i called it bullshit at the time and would call bullshit again....but hey you never know.

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2 hours ago, Fred H Crawford said:

Yeah , had both Wigan & Everton playing some decent stuff at times but never seemed to grasp that possession and pretty triangles mean fuck all without an end product . As I said , It would show some ambition from the board if true and I welcome that , but I'm not sure I could go listening to more press conferences telling us that we had 60% possession and we will learn from another bad result an go again next week :lol: IMO we need someone more pragmatic who can get the players digging out ugly 1-0 wins when we've been shit and looked second best .  

Fred i agree with a lot of your posts but surely we need certain types of players to make us hard to beat....WS would struggle to make that squad hard to beat tbh?

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Big name but he's just a better, Spanish Mark Warburton. Typical of the Board's thinking - they seem to rush into decisions depending on how good someone looks. But then again, fuck it, it's not like we look capable of getting any better.

Honestly, at this point we need a younger Walter Smith. We at least need to be tough-to-beat and defensively solid first - the pretty football comes after. Steve Clarke would be a good choice if he wasn't one of them. 

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Don't see this one happening.  He will be managing at the World Cup and international management is too cushy a gig to give up for the pressures involved in managing us.  Don't think he's got the bottle for that.  He always looks a bit meek.

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4 minutes ago, KingKennyMiller said:


If the Board had any sense they'd be on the blower to Walter Smith and offer him whatever it takes to save the club.

It's a huge ask, but one I don't think the great man himself could turn down.


Let the guy enjoy his retirement, he doesn’t deserve this

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