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How Many Players Do We Need To Topple celtic?

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Well obviously we were. We were going into the game and would've been only 3 points behind. Couldve and should've beaten them. Ultimately it didn't work out like that and the players heads droppe

A piss poor Rangers team with a youth coach in charge. Also,horsed us 3-2 Fucking throbber. 

Bigging up what actually is a piss poor tarrier side.  Another card to add to your wall of rambling pish. 

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3 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

It's a fact that we should have won last few old firm games .No doubts 

The positive in me says we should believe we can go one better in few weeks 

The beggars are coming back the way to meet us .No matter how bad some may think we are 

I include myself in this on any given day 

We have to believe we can get it right on the day 

I know one thing .The semi final win few years ago was absolutely immense .

Would be nice to experience that all over again 


In a one-off game then of course we're capable of beating them.

But to seriously challenge for the title we need an absolute minimum of 5 quality signings and a new manager.

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15 minutes ago, KingKennyMiller said:

Mibby that's the problem.

Place is hoachin' wae wee fuds that have never seen a good Rangers team.... :lol:

Or.....maybe the problem is cunts that have such a hard on for a bang average tarrier side.

I grew up through our 8IAR and was also fortunate enough to see Cooper play in the flesh so I'm very lucky in that respect. However the simple fact is we had every reason to feel confident in the lead up to the last OF although it fell flat on its face.


Our team just now is nowhere near the standards we are used to but neither is the football in this country. 

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40 minutes ago, KingKennyMiller said:

If they're piss poor and they horsed us with ten men at Ibrox what does that make us?

They horsed us ? 

We had the same failings that we have had with other teams at Ibrox for several years now , as in we still can't break down an organised defence . Yes , they are better than us right now , but I think the last couple of games has shown that there's not that big a gap . Dont be fooled , this isn't a good c....c team , rather it's more about how much we've regressed after years of turmoil and hopefully now we are starting to get our act together . Having said that , and to answer your question , Id be happy with 3 or 4 quality signings in the summer that have a strong / winning mentality . 



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5 quality players and a decent manager would see us challenging for the league next year imo.


We've definitely closed the gap on them ........ hopefully we can turn them over in the semi....I think we are good enough to do so if we have our strongest 11 available.


I think the big difference between us and celtc is they have better options on their bench.... we need more quality on our bench to give us more options if a game isn't going our way.






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On 28/03/2018 at 19:18, KingKennyMiller said:

Certainly a question that will divide opinion..

Some on here actually felt we were in with a shout of winning the league under the hapless Murty just a few weeks ago. No, seriously, they did!

Others were telling us that very few celtic players would get into our starting 11. No, seriously, they were.

The mouthing off and over-confidence came back to bite them on the arse as they dismissed what they called a " piss poor celtic team " left Ibrox once again with all three points in the bag.The more astute posters here on RM saw that result coming. It was in the post.

I just hope lessons have been learned as we approach the semi final against them. 

Anyway, going back to the original question: I reckon we're an absolute minimum of 5 quality signings and a proper Manager away from going toe to toe with them for the league next season.

A Keeper, because Wes is basically shite.Two Centre Backs in the mould of Cuellar and Bouguerra. A box to box creative midfielder such as Steven Davis, and a striker in the Jelavic mould.

Clear out the deadwood - and there's a lot of it - spend the money on a better level of player and a proper manager.  No more excuses from dithering Dave. 




The OP is never a Rangers fan in a million years.

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