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Utter scum putting the price up after what they've put us through this past year

I've renewed my 3 this afternoon, was nothing to do with new management team as I was always renewing today as this was the earliest my finances would allow it, got that wee glow on again that I've ha

This is why people shouldn't get you and the other blue avenger mixed up as you actually attend Rangers games 

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2 minutes ago, plumbGER said:

Well why not? We are basically running the club without a proper person in charge of the most important department.

I’m not disputing whether they should or shouldn’t be frozen! To suggest that anybody actually thought they would be with this board in charge is mental though! 

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2 minutes ago, scottyc06 said:

What could possibly have lead you to believe that the board would freeze prices?!

Because they've done nothing to justify raising the price? 

The league was there for the taking and they fucked it by appointing a bull fighter with mental health issues and a youth coach leading to our worst home record in over 100 years

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