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Can't wait to see his face when he returns and realises that minimum unit pricing has kicked in.

Guys like Pena anger me no end.  A natural talent just fucking being pissed away because he’s a mad alchy bastard and can’t be fucked playing now that he’s got a few quid in the bank.  Frust

He waited til after training. That's professionalism right there.

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On 2018-04-20 at 07:34, Spectre said:

Agree with this, I said before that given Pedro couldn't get the best (or anything really) out of him in Scotland I don't understand why people are surprised that the same manager hasn't got the best out of him in Mexico. Still think there's a chance a disciplinarian could get something out of him but it depends what the root of his problems are. 

Bollocks! He’s done. Nothing to see here move along. We’ve been taken by a charlatan. He’s gonna end up on the wrong side of a drug deal. His choice. Fuck Pedro the knob! 


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22 minutes ago, eosmhdo said:

Your not suspending him for being an alky, your suspending him for his actions when pished?????

Especially when he has a job in the public eye.

Do that sort of thing in any high profile job and you give your employers opportunity to sack you. Getting sued should not really be a concern if proof is there

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Honestly couldn't make this up. Suprised he's not had death threats From the cartels out there as some most support Cruz you would of thought. Unbelievable at how far this guy has fallen. Hopefully we can give him the sack as there is NO chance he will be any use to us. Absolute walloper ?

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