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Murty speaks


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Same pish every week.

Trained hard.

Ready for the game.

Lots of effort at training. 

Fucking spare me.

It'll take 45mins before the sorry excuse for Rangers players even turn up, just like every other week.

I tell you what, if I don't see one of their players in a heap within the first 15mins of the game at the weekend, preferably the rat Naismith, then they aren't being aggressive enough. It's time to start dishing out what we've been on the receiving end of all season, and actually fighting for each other.

Regardless, I still want Murty to GTF and at least 70% of the squad.

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You could literally write his press conference each week and read it to yourself in the mirror. And once you’ve wrote it once just pull the same bit of paper out the next week and read to yourself again. It never changes, and it probably should along with his team selections at times. Wee bit of variety would works wonders imo ?

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I don't want Murty here we need a strong manager.

However there were loads saying he was doing a good job, speaks well etc and the turn on him is way over the top from some.

The defeat and performance was unacceptable I get that but would've like to have seen these reactions after the Hamilton and St Johnstone games and we could've Maybe have saved our season.if as much noise was made.

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I thought he did ok to be fair. He took some blame for how we set up and added the players didnt help it either. Dont think anyone can argue with that.

Must have been tough press conference to do. Not wholly sympathetic though, i just want the best man in for the job - and that's clearly not him!



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