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Steven Gerrard Y or N

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Steven Gerrard Y or N  

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Yes if only because the alternatives all have weaknesses of their own.  He will only come with a budget and is used to attacking football with flare. He is one of the most prominent brittish midfielders  In the last decade along with Lampard. 

His lack of experience is not ideal but there is always a downside somewhere. 

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When people think something's going to happen then they are more likely to kid themselves on and say yes and try to look for the positive and wishful thinking etc, but if none of these reports were saying he was in talks a lot more people would be saying no

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He ticks some boxes in that he's seen how some good coaches do it.  Houllier, Benitez, Klopp, Hodgson, Capello, Eriksson. He seems to be a winner. He was a great footballer himself and has experienced the very top.

None of actually being a manager though, so we have absolutely zero idea of whether he can execute what he's seen other managers doing or if he he can do it in our specific circumstance. Seems like a shot in the dark.

Mind you, we don't actually know if there's anything in it yet.


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